Sorry, Frank Sinatra: Diddy's Just Being Diddy

Whether he's hanging with Biggie, Mase or newly fermented Dirty Money, Diddy's had his own unofficial version of the Rat Pack going on for a while now, and a lifestyle seemingly worth emulating. In his latest "Art of Celebration" ad for CÎROC vodka, he re-enacts the iconic group of Sinatra and Co. as his well dressed boys hit the town in Las Vegas to the tune of "Luck Be A Lady," with an endless supply of liquor at their disposal and freakishly composed results—we imagine this is what The Hangover would have looked like had Alan not been involved. Diddy is loving it, and he's brought a bevy of random television heartthrobs to his table, including Grey's Anatomy's Jesse Williams and Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, whose Golden Globe snub should be a little easier to deal with after a night out with Diddy. While we're envious of his glamorous party and proximity to living, breathing models, we thank Diddy for giving Chad Michael Murray something to do these days.


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