We predicted that Girls' Generation were going to outsell rivals KARA in Japan, and now it's official. On its first day of release, SNSD's new Japanese-language album, Girls' Generation II ~Girls & Peace~, shifted an impressive 46,031 copies on the Oricon Daily chart, easily trumping the 28,724 KARA sold of their latest J-pop album, Girls Forever. SNSD are now guaranteed a bigger opening week than the "Electric Boy" singers, who have already been outsold by the Divine Nine on more than one occasion.

But even with such a strong start, SNSD's numbers won't be enough to reach No. 1 on the weekly chart. That honor will go to legendary J-rock act Mr. Children, whose new album, An Imitation Blood Orange, sold 217,514 copies during its first day on sale.

We didn't really expect Girls' Generation to outsell a band like Mr. Children, though. Simply reaching second place and beating Japan's other biggest Korean girl group is a huge achievement in itself.