For the record, it's been roughly 209 days since the Wanted's Max George called off his engagement to Coronation Street actress Michelle Keegan and became the hottest British boy-bander on the open market. (OK, so it took a few months for the split to become official, but we all saw the cracks, right?) That should be time enough to allow for his broken heart to heal, right? Preferably with the help of a selfless Wanted fan, one who to went to all of his shows and got to the front once and screamed the absolute loudest of everyone and totally made eye contact with Max a few times. A girl like that would be perfect for him.

Sadly, though, it appears that dream will have to wait. According to an interview with the UK's Fabulous magazine, the double-first-named heartthrob reveals that he's still putting romance on the back burner:

I'm not dating or anything. I'm just single and getting on with work and the new record, so I'm very busy indeed.

I've not long been single, so it takes time to move on from someone who you really ... well, especially someone like Michelle, anyway. I'm not ready for anything with anyone else.

She'll always be special to me. She's a nice girl, a great girl, so I just wish her all the best. You'll never hear me say a bad word about her.

We don't want to call ourselves experts on love, but it sounds like this young man is heartsick. Maybe it's for the best that he's not dating—more time to monkey around with his mates and take comfort in the company of a friendly dog while he waits for his soul to heal.