Sorry One Direction, Old Guy Tate Stevens Won X Factor Last Night

When we predicted earlier this week that Carly Rose Sonenclair would win the second season of the US X Factor, we neglected one piece of important information: The show skews old, man. Its audience, its voters, its contestants: All are all more advanced in years that those of rivals The Voice and American Idol.

So why didn't we expect, then, that 37-year-old crooner Tate Stevens would take home the victory? We don't know. He's a country singer, too! It should have been obvious. How could we not connect the dots on this?

Yes, as smarter people than us predicted, it was Stevens who triumphed Thursday night, as the Midwestern father of two managed to defeat both teen diva Sonenclair and girl group Fifth Harmony. Truly it was a night for the olds, even if youngsters One Direction did show up to perform their new single "Kiss You." Did you know that Stevens is old enough to be a One Direction dad?

Of all the ways for American reality show alums to find success, going country has been by far the most reliable, and it's also the genre where Steven's maturity will be an asset, not a liability. Everything's lining up for him to become the X Factor's first American star—do you think he has it in him?


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