On the surface, Soulja Boy and the Odd Future collective don't have all that much in common—it'd be about as likely for Soulja to rap about rape and murder fantasies as it would be for any of the OF guys to rap about cranking that Soulja Boy, which is to say in either case, not very. But there is a good deal of common ground to be found there, from both being based in California, to both collaborating with Lil B (and sharing a good deal of the same vocabulary) to both operating with a DIY aesthetic and generally not following the rules of how to operate as a successful career in hip-hop.

So maybe it's not as surprising as it first seems to hear about the two hooking up. "Shouts out to the whole Odd Future,” Soulja told Rap-Up recently. “The Super 3 from Odd Future, they produced a couple tracks from my last mixtape. They doin’ they thang and they doin’ it originally from the ground up without the label, so salute.” Soulja went on to talk more specifically about a possible Odd Future collaboration: "They already reached out for me to do a verse on a song," young DeAndre claimed. "I just gotta do it."

Better idea: Why not invite the whole OFWGKTA clan to make a guest appearance in the Juice film project? There's no way those guys aren't fans of the original movie—let them play their own gang or something, with Tyler, the leader, as one of Soulja's main rivals. Don't even need to write them into the script or anything (assuming there is a script to begin with), just roll film on 'em and let Tyler rant in Just Don't Give a Fuck mode for about ten minutes. We guarantee he'll give you enough to work with.