Will 'Sound Grip' memes be the first big meme of April?

The filmmaking community on Facebook is having a lot of fun with 'Sound Grip' memes. But can 'Sound Grip' memes spread beyond people who know what a sound grip is? Popdust's investigative meme reporters dig in

What is a sound grip, and why am I seeing so many sound grip memes?

According to Wikipedia, "sound grip" is a lesser-known term for the boom operator on a film set; in layman's terms, the person who holds that big microphone that sometimes makes its way into shots.

But a sound grip isn't a real job on a film set.


Nevertheless, filmmakers around the world are now talking about (and making) Sound Grip memes. In a post that can be traced to a Facebook group called "Production Resources Vancouver" (a small, Canadian Facebook community geared mostly towards theater production), a film student advertised needing a 'Sound Grip' for $15 CAD (about $11 USD). Although the Production Resources Vancouver group is closed on Facebook, Popdust's investigative team went deep undercover, posing as a Canadian actor to find the post. We were not disappointed with what we found.

The student who posted the call has since come forward, in a public Facebook post, calling out people who are telling her she's "doing it wrong."

But is she doing it wrong? Memes (which, remember, are often mimicry, not homage) are cropping up all over Facebook's filmmaking sect, and the general consensus is that she is wrong! For those not informed, $10 a day isn't enough to pay for anything, and it's both disrespectful AND a waste of a talented sound grip's time to offer them a $10 day rate. The group Movie Set Memes is having a blast (and so are we) with Sound Grip memes! Here are some of our favorites:


So, will "Sound Grip" memes be the first big meme of April 2017?

Honestly, probably not. Google Trends show that interest over time in 'Sound Grip' is already far lower than 'Cash Me Ousside' was in early January (when that meme came to popularity). Over the last two weeks, 'Cash Me Ousside' is still far more popular. Due to the super-niche nature of 'Sound Grip' memes (see also: nobody outside the film industry knows what a sound grip is), there likely will not be a huge blowup. But memes are erratic in nature. The ridiculousness of Sound Grip memes could just push them through the meme stratosphere.

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