South Korean Company Offers Solution For Those Who ‘Wanna Be White’

You can file this under UGH.

A skincare company is offering up a solution to help Korean women become more “white.”

Elisha Coy makes no bones about its product’s aims—taking out a billboard ad at NYC’s Korea Town Plaza in Flushin, Queens.

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“Do you wanna be white?” The ad reads, alongside a photo of a light skinned Asian model.

Korean website, Noonchi, slammed the ad, noting, “If there was ever any doubt about the Korean ideal of beauty, look no further than this ElishaCoy advertisement.”

“In fairness, we all know that Koreans have long prized pale skin, but seeing that fixation exploited by ad copy feels not only manipulative, but actually insidious. In some ways, then, ElishaCoy has in fact created a perfect advertisement—it sells an impossible dream while also making its potential consumers feel worse about themselves,” they continue.

Elisha Coy brands itself as “a European-styled organic skincare” company, and the product, Always Nuddy Complete Correction—also known as CC—is designed as a skin-perfecting moisturizer.

The quest to appear more “Western” is no new thing—South Korea has overtaken Brazil as the country with the highest number of plastic surgeries performed per capita—with double eyelid surgery, to obtain “big round eyes” among the most sought after procedures.

As Popdust previously reported, K-pop stars, 2NE1’s Park Bom and Miryo from Brown Eyed Girls have both undergone extensive plastic surgery.

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