It's almost impossible to picture 2NE1 as anyone other than Bom, CL, Minzy, and Dara, but SPICA's youngest member and lead vocalist, Kim Bohyung, almost became a member of the foursome. The 24-year-old revealed the news on the latest episode of Lee Hyori's X Unnie, which is a new reality show in which Hyori mentors SPICA and tries to turn them into K-pop's next big thing.

According to Bohyung, she was eliminated from the group not due to her lack of talent (after all, SPICA is known as one of the best vocal groups around right now), but for her lack of "swag."

"I lacked swag. I was sitting in the office alone when Yang Hyun Suk CEO approached me and explained that it wasn't because I lacked talent but because I had a different color from the group."

It was probably for the best, at least as far as SPICA is concerned. 2NE1 could definitely have benefited from Bohyung's big vocals over Dara's whispers, but SPICA's member lineup is one of the strongest in K-pop right now. Hopefully that strength and talent will translate into commercial success when SPICA releases their next single, which is apparently set to drop very soon.

[Via Netizen Buzz]