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What excites and concerns us in Spider-Man: Homecoming's new trailer

The latest trailer gives us a little teen drama and a lot of Tony Stark

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The latest trailer for Tom Holland's solo Spider-Man film shows a fun, young Spidey but also some major bummers for fans

Almost as reliable as whether or not the groundhog sees its shadow, one of the clearest sign of summer arriving soon is the parade of comic book movie trailers making their way to the public. While last week gave us The Avengers… *cough* I mean the Justice League trailer, today marked the debut of the second trailer for this July's Spider-Man: Homecoming, the solo film debut of Tom Holland's incarnation of the web slinger. Giving us a clearer look at the more serious aspects of the plot than the first trailer, we're left with a lot excitement and a few concerns for the new film. Here's a breakdown of what we're most pumped about and concerned for from trailer two.

Pro: Tom Holland still seems like a great Spidey

Based on Holland's strong debut in Captain America: Civil War, he's somehow done the impossible, made fans excited for a third portrayal of Spider-Man in just the past 10 years. With a goofier and more youthful Peter Parker than either Tobey Maguire's or Andrew Garfield's, we may finally have a teenaged superhero who actually acts like…well a teenager. Whether it's his fanboy admiration for Tony Stark or bragging about stealing Cap's shield to his buddy Ned (Jacob Batalon), Holland offers the Marvel Universe a sense of vitality and infectious exuberance we can't wait to see take center stage in his own film.

Con: Where's the rest of that supporting cast?

Look, no one's upset about getting Robert Downey Jr. to show up in Homecoming and serve as Peter's mentor, but does the trailer really need to spend so much time proving that he'll be in it? Between Marissa Tomei's Aunt May only showing up for a split second, and the mysterious supporting roles from Donald Glover, Hannibal Burress, Martin Starr and more it'd be nice to get a larger sense of Spidey's world beyond just his Avenger's ties. While the film will likely play different than trailer, we just hope it will resist to urge to make this a Tony Stark movie that just happens to feature Peter Parker (not that we wouldn't also love to see that).

Pro: Michael Keaton may break the Marvel villain curse

Whether played straight or in satire mode, Keaton must have the whole superhero thing down pretty well at this point. Now taking on the mantle of the classic Spider-Man villain, The Vulture, Keaton makes the most of his limited screen time in the trailer showing he's tired of superheroes unconcerned about everyday people. And with Marvel's trouble offering memorable antagonists for its heroes (I dare you to name the villain from November's Doctor Strange without Google assistance), consider us on board for where he'll take the vengeful character.

Con: A spoiler warning may have been nice

Look, trailers have a long and storied tradition of giving away the best parts of movies, but did it really need to show Stark laying into Parker and taking away his high-tech suit? What could've set up an interesting twist for part of the film is now telegraphed to everyone who watches the trailer. And yeah, the conclusion will be probably still be interesting whether or not we were forewarned, but couldn't Marvel and Sony's trailer editors shown a little more faith in their audience?

Pro: At no point does Spider-Man strut down the street...

or stalk his girlfriend. Need I say more?