With increasing frequency, artists are taking to social networks and premiering frustratingly brief teaser clips from their upcoming videos. These are usually between zero and 45 seconds in length and tend to do two things: leave you wanting more video, and leave you wanting fewer teasers. We can’t address the latter. What we can do, however, is help with the former, so, based solely on the preview, Popdust will miraculously predict what transpires in the unseen full-length video.

Today’s video teaser: Drake featuring Rihanna, "Take Care"

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Run-length: 16 seconds, give or take a few where the faces of Drake and Rihanna are blocked by the MTV logo. Annoying, yes, but it's only fair that the network premiering the video get to tag its footage accordingly. Plus, shouldn't your head be a little bigger by now, Drizzy? (Oh right, something about having a "hard time adjusting to fame.")

Summary: Drake sings, Rihanna stares and both look sad. Are you two sure you can't make it work?

What could come next: A lot, considering their history together and Drake's public desire to collaborate again in the near future. Drake will probably follow newly blonde Rihanna around the dark and empty set, only to be distracted by old voicemails from ex-girlfriends, his grandmother and crazy fans who have taken his lyrics a little too literally. Weighed down by all that stardom has given him, Drizzy finds it difficult to let Rihanna "take care" of him, even if it only means trolling Degrassi fan sites and leaving positive comments about Jimmy's decision to leave Toronto. But above all else, this video will be perfect.