With increasing frequency, artists are taking to social networks and premiering frustratingly brief teaser clips from their upcoming videos. These are usually between zero and 45 seconds in length and tend to do two things: leave you wanting more video, and leave you wanting fewer teasers. We can’t address the latter. What we can do, however, is help with the former, so, based solely on the preview, Popdust will miraculously predict what transpires in the unseen full-length video.

Today’s video teaser: Mary J. Blige and Rick Ross's "Why".

Run-length: 44 seconds.

Summary: A bit of business with a car, a bed, Rick Ross and Mary J.--assign them to their preferred locations yourself--before a fade into the most opulent party around: chandeliers, confetti, champagne, charisma of all sorts from guests to decor. Mary J. and Rick Ross are the ones on stage. It is all very sumptuous. There is no mention of the business before.

What could come next: So there will be! In fact, it will turn into a Rick Ross video, rather abruptly. OK, probably not; it'll be more slow pans and scenic lighting and jazzy stages, probably. Some videos are almost impossible to predict things outside the rococo lines.