With increasing frequency, artists are taking to social networks and premiering frustratingly brief teaser clips from their upcoming videos. These are usually between zero and 45 seconds in length and tend to do two things: leave you wanting more video, and leave you wanting fewer teasers. We can’t address the latter. What we can do, however, is help with the former, so, based solely on the preview, Popdust will miraculously predict what transpires in the unseen full-length video.

Today’s video teaser: Waka Flocka Flame feat. Drake, “Round of Applause”

Run-length: 1:37—hey now!

Summary: At the urging of a mysterious older hustler, Waka revisits a past relationship—cue the flashbacks!—that ended when his former love left him for the even more mysterious "Underworld." With Waka narrating, we learn that he lost his ex-girlfriend—played by Basketball Wives L.A.'s Draya—to a dark place, where greed, corruption and dangerous habits (you can't miss that massive mound of cocaine) may have caused her to lose hold of herself, too. Like many males, his instincts take him to the strip club, where talented females act out the song's chorus ("Round of applause / Baby make that ass clap") for the pleasure of creepy old men who have nowhere better to be at 2 pm. Ultimately he finds himself in a leather-bound office, pleading with the club's owner (Drake) for some information on his lady in question. While we all know Aubrey is quite the businessman, the potential reward in a missing persons case doesn't seem to interest him very much.

What could come next: Don't rely on Drizzy for help finding your long lost love, Waka—especially when he's in his loosely affiliated mobster phase. In this video, he's only here to smoke fat cigars, count his money and remind everyone that he was an actor first, should that Barack Obama project ever materialize. Waka's best bet is to look to the club's creepy regulars for clues, or warm up to current employees to find where she may have ended up. We see the latter being most helpful, and after going on a Odyssey-like hunt he'll find her working at a nearby diner, nearly unrecognizable after years of hard living and poor treatment from those lords of the Underworld. Though her life has drastically changed, there are two things she still knows: that she loves Waka and how to ass clap. Problem solved! Happily ever after it is.