Rainy days and Mondays don't always have to get you down, particularly when there are new photos of a soaking wet Harry Styles to peruse. If that sounds dirty, it's not meant to—eh, at least not completely. Harry and his fellow members of One Direction are quickly moving forward with their newly announced single, "Live While We're Young," wrapping production on the music video last week. Mirror UK was on the scene in Kent, England, capturing all five guys looking as if they just lost a super soaker face-off, or forgot their swimming trousers at home, and were forced to swim several laps in their street clothes by disarmingly beautiful female lifeguards as punishment.

According to Mirror, the video set consisted of a colorful fun house, and various inflatable toys (see above). There's a joke to be made about this banana, but I feel wrong being the one to do so. Also, was Harry aware he had entered a wet t-shirt contest?

New song, new video, new hairstyles. If these photos aren't enough to get you excited, there's plenty of hyperbole to be found in each member's respective tweets over the weekend:

Yes, "chuckin' it down" is Niallspeak for raining cats and dogs. All the better to truly understand what makes him tick, my dears.