Apparently Michael Scott's former colleagues are still feeling the effects from his departure last spring. You see, Leslie David Baker, known more intimately to us as Stanley Hudson from NBC's The Office, needs some time away from the 9 to 5 grind, thus turning to his artistic side to get express all the feelings corporate world makes him suppress. Baker has released his own music video "2 Be Simple," in which he gets to hang out in a silk robe and receive complimentary snacks and happy endings from any mysterious refrigerator dwellers. If this is not a parody of a parody, Baker could simply be trying to spread his wings just in case the end of his day job is closer than we all realize. There's also any outdoor pool party with games of beer pong and guests dressed up as like Jack Sparrow—in the style of Michael Bolton, we hope—LMFAO and their Shuffle Bot as well as a the requisite dick in a box. Because no party would be complete without one. In this light, Baker represents a startling contrast to Dunder Mifflin's resident curmudgeon, yet his carefree ways might ring too close to home for those who remember Stanley's history with infidelity. If only Michael got an invite. Watch below.