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Static Panic Releases Music Video for 'The Crazy Thing'

Trippy retro '80s music with dance-pop pizzazz.

Funk-electronic trio Static Panic premieres the music video for "The Crazy Thing" on Popdust.

"The Crazy Thing" from the band's debut EP, Chrome, examines desire and sexuality. Static Panic is made up of Keston Wright (vocals, guitar), Eli Kapell (drums), and Ro Lorenzen (vocals, MPC, synths), who is openly gender fluid.

The band hails from St. Paul, Minnesota, and got together two years ago. Lorenzen, who grew up in a music-centric family, began singing when she was five years old, before learning piano and violin. She and Wright met in high school and recruited Kapell to finish out the band's sound.

Static Panic - The Crazy Thing

"The Crazy Thing" opens to swirling synths, then flows into a tight '80s dance groove glowing with shimmering, strident colors. There's a definite Prince-feel to the tune, including the high-pitched vocals and the momentum of the harmonics. A compelling rhythm, emphasizing a crunching snare and trembling bass line, drive the beat, as the synths drone, chirp, and radiate retro sounds.

A falsetto precedes a deeper, half-spoken segment which adds an infusion of tonal variety. A gleaming, almost raucous solo, made up of psychedelic synths and a phantasmagoric guitar, inject the harmonics with similarities to The Talking Heads.

The video, directed and animated by Jacob Huffcutt, presents a surreal kaleidoscope of colorful images, including strange blob-like creatures, stars, vocalizing lips, and organisms with leafy TV heads, as well as snippets of the lyrics. It's trippy as all get-out, and effective.

The combination of stylish retro dance flavors and brilliant pop energy make "The Crazy Thing" infectiously good.

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