Tuesday's talks between NBA owners and players have the potential to resolve the current lockout situation or begin scratching off valuable and costly playing time from the upcoming season. While Players Association president Derek Fisher sweats it out opposite David Stern, the Milwaukee Bucks' Stephen Jackson would rather just express his feelings through song. And he doesn't seem to be that concerned about being out of job. Stack Jack's "What's a Lockout" video highlights his expendable cash—that he prints himself, apparently—and his tendency to drink Moet and flaunt a Rolls Royce on the Wisconsin streets. Jackson's rapping is far from the worst thing we've heard from an NBA player, or the brother of a NBA rookie, and including ESPN analysis of the current state of the labor talks ("I think we'll see games, a lot of people really want to see how the players respond when they start losing checks") adds a little gravitas for those who haven't been tuned in to every moment of this 98-day ordeal. But the cliched party and bullshit setting makes one wonder if he'll be hosting the same kind of events if and when those NBA-approved checks stop coming in. At least the Ciroq promotion in the background is keeping Diddy happy.