As we transition from Steve Jobs to newly minted Apple CEO Tim Cook, several of his greatest non-lookalikes don his trademark black turtleneck and glasses to thank the man himself for making us so damn dependent on technology. The former Apple boss gets a true tribute in the form of a Jay-Z-inspired music video from the group Pantsless Knights, borrowing heavily from "What More Can I Say," the once retirement anthem off Hova's 2003 disc The Black Album. Trading Marcy Projects shout-outs and references to rap feuds for shots at his competitors, the various pseudo-CEOs sum up Jobs' career in the most boastful way possible ("So the dreams and teams you write about, White em out/It’s hard to brag when the iPad’s in your mouth"). While Jay-Z's announced fade to black proved to be fairly short-lived, celebrating Jobs' departure in the style of King Hov seems like a fitting end to such a revolutionary career, and the video alone exists as a parody tribute that likely won't be topped. Unless the new Apple chairman has the latest version of the iPhone 5 hanging around his house somewhere, which we guess we wouldn't mind seeing.