Is there anything a pop culture tough guy can do to cement his real-life badassery than to disarm and ensnare a home intruder with his bare hands? OK, maybe if he want to some foreign country and had to rush a compound to rescue his niece or something, that'd give him the full Steven Seagal, but short of that, this is pretty close to #1. TMZ reports that LL did take down a burglar (well, a burglarly suspect, but we'll guess he wasn't there for an autograph) in his home last night, representing Queens to the fullest.

According to the gossip site, LL "heard some commotion downstairs, went to check it out ... and found the intruder." He then "went hand-to-hand combat on the dude ... and managed to detain the suspect until LAPD officers arrived a few minutes later to arrest him." (Did he instruct him to "tell Daddy how you want it?" We hope he did. We're pretty sure he did.)

Impressive stuff. Next time we're watching NCIS: LA (never), this is gonna add way more to the show's verisimilitude. Ball is in your court, Chris O'Donnell—go stop a political insurrection in Central America or something.