The best Quentin Tarantino film of 2010 is finally getting a sequel: According to Lady Gaga, her forthcoming album ARTPOP will include a "continuation" of the Beyonce collaboration she launched with "Video Phone" and perfected on "Telephone."

No word if the sequel's video will continue the glossy QT-aping kitsch of "Telephone," but a return to similar levels of mania shouldn't be too much to hope for in any case. Maybe we'll get a Machete-themed video? There's a Gaga connection, it's a sequel, it's tangentially connected to Tarantino via Grindhouse—that's just good branding.

Relive the fun of the original "Telephone" below. Will it end up being the Bad Lieutenant to this new song's Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans?

[The Grape Juice]