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Stop Everything: Kanye West Reportedly Also Considering a Job with "American Idol"

Let's press pause on gossiping about how Mariah Carey is ticked off that Nicki Minaj might possibly out-crazy her on American Idol next season. Kanye West is now reportedly in talks with the show, too. Yep, your work can wait.

According to TMZ, Idol producers have reached out to Kanye for their vacant judging slot, claiming that he's "expressed interest" about the new job opportunity. But that doesn't mean the potential power that comes with sitting behind that judges' table has him completely sold on the idea. Sources say West is worried that a reality competition show—which is much different from what his girlfriend's family built their empire around—might not be in his "wheelhouse." Fashion shows and new media think-tanks are all good, though. TMZ's calls to West's reps haven't been returned, and there are no revealing tweets of late, save for this soul-crushing evidence that Yeezy probably won't attend any of your cocktail parties in the near future.

At this point we've heard a lot of rumors, but this is the craziest Idol story to date—and easily the best. Sorry, Nicki, but can you imagine Yeezy spouting DONDA-isms at some poor young thing from North Dakota who dropped out of high school, drove hundreds of miles with the body of her dead cat, to perform for a chance at Hollywood stardom, just because it was her grandmother's dying wish? "Sorry, baby girl. I'm not gonna let you finish this time, because my boo Kim would never bump this in the Lambo. NEXT."


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