Stop Talking About Drake's Feelings And Start Noticing His Eyebrows

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Drake's most recent video "Headlines" is an homage to his hometown of Toronto and an experiment in pinky rings, yet Affion Crockett has created his own spin on the clip that rivals the unintentional hilarity of Drizzy's wardrobe selections. While many—including us—are all too easily caught up in Drake's feelings and treatment of women, Crockett takes the more vapid route, focusing on physical appearance, specifically the two bushy brows he happens to wear proudly. Without access to the SkyDome or Drizzy's jewelry collection, Crockett does his best to recreate the video frame by frame, relying on lyrics to get his message across. By replacing the the catchy chorus with "they grow, they grow, they grow," he acknowledges those rapidly growing follicles above his eyes that serve both as a conversation piece ("looking like a mustache on Steve Harvey") and a security blanket ("When I be struggling with my lines they be helping Drake rap"). Compare "Headvines" to "Headlines," below.

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