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Freaky Friday – Inside the Icy World of Psychrophilia

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strange fetishes psychrophilia— psychrophiliacs would rather get a brain freeze than a hard on, and Frosty the Snowman is their Sexiest Man Alive

Strange fetishes psychrophilia edition....

Sometimes relationships turn cold, and that's considered a bad thing.

Not for people who find pleasure thanks to psychrophilia, which according to Sex-Lexis is “sexual arousal from being cold or watching others freeze."

For those who hit the theaters to see Frozen with this in mind were surely sorely disappointed.

Strange fetishes psychrophilia 411:

While the majority of folks like their lovin' “hot and heavy," psychrophiliacs would rather get a brain freeze than a hard on, and Frosty the Snowman is their version of the Sexiest Man Alive.

Eskimos aside, it seems unusual that being cold would arouse anyone.

We've all heard about the cases of unwanted “shrinkage," and getting undressed in order to get it on would be uncomfortable at best in sub-zero temps.

Goosebumps and frostbite seem less than sexy, and numb fingers would make for a clumsy make out session.


As far as arousal from watching others freeze, while still unusual, seems easier to grasp.

We all know what happens to a woman's “headlights" when the temperature drops, and all that shaking and shivering may entice another to get that frozen guy or gal into their embrace right away.

Though the snotty nose and chattering teeth which often accompany a freezing person's reactions seem sexually repulsive to say the least.

But yes, there is a world of unusual sexual fetishes and kinks out there and who are we to judge what turns another on in the privacy of their own bedroom.

Which raises the point – can this fetish be brought to life in an actual bedroom.


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Who keeps their home at below freezing temps?

Apparently, those interested in getting frisky while freezing must be part exhibitionist too.

An ice skating rink or a meat locker would be the perfect setting for some cold-hearted romance.

Now that you know about psychrophilia, it's time to give a second look at some of the everyday people you may want to give another once-over to.

That friendly ice cream truck driver could be getting handsy with those snow cones after hours.

And ice carving experts who create masterpieces for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs?

Potential total pervs.

What about those people constantly chewing on ice chips after their soda is done.

Are they engaging in a public display of foreplay with the ice dispenser?

All valid questions that deserve a cold hard answer.

So if you're looking to expand upon what's on your sexual menu, perhaps it's time to freeze in order to please.

Participate in a polar bear swim.

Switch from hot to iced coffee.

Stick your tongue to a flagpole in the dead of winter.

Shove your bare ass in the freezer.

Whatever gets your temperature to drop and your libido to rise is what's important here.

For those engaging in psychrophilia, it's all about having the “colds" for someone rather than the hots.

Ice queens are as desired as the girl next door.

Snowballs are sex toys.

Ice pops are no longer an innocent treat and getting free refills on Slurpees is like having multiple orgasms.

Are you ready to freeze your ass off for your or another's sexual pleasure?

Put on a little Ice, Ice, Baby and pour a drink on the rocks to get your rocks off!

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