Stupid Stoner Calls 911 To Report Drug Deal Gone Wrong

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Fresh out of Florida is the bemusing story of a woman who dialed 911 to report a drug deal had gone wrong.

Yes that's right.  She thought the best place to air her grievance was to the cops (you couldn't make it up).

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In what must surely be a contender for the stupidest stoner ever, Erin Klich, 36, kinda miscalculated what the result of her phone call would be when she called the cops to complain that she had been shorted in a marijuana deal, as she ended up getting arrested herself.

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The Smoking Gun report that Klich, who lives in Fort Myers, went to her local dealer to buy a seven gram bag of weed for $75, and when she got outside was furious to notice that her bag was a little light.  The indignant pot head called 911 to report the disgusting transgression of Consumer Law and a Fort Myers Police Department officer arrived at the scene.  Presumably Klich was a little confused as she then dialed 911 again, and didn't help her cause by being 'loud and argumentative'.  The cop on the scene did manage to get her to hang up but she then dialed for a third time which prompted her arrest for misusing the emergency system.

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The cops searched her car and would you believe, found a 'clear plastic baggy containing suspect marijuana, lodged between the seat where Klich was sitting.'   Klich, who works for a body armor manufacturer, was charged with two misdemeanors—marijuana possession and misuse of the 911 system.

Her judgement wasn't completely off though.  Cops weighed the baggy, and found it contained a mere 5.4 grams of grass—so she had a point!