Sunmi's 'Full Moon' Choreography Is The Sexiest Thing You'll See All Month

K-pop is known for it's signature dance moves (just look at PSY), but lately those moves have been getting a whole lot sexier. With girl groups like Girl's Day, AOA, and STELLAR hitting it big thanks to their erotic music videos and provocative performances, female K-pop stars are now constantly trying to one-up one another in the sexy stakes.

The latest lady to give it a shot is Sunmi, former member of the squeaky clean Wonder Girls. The music video for her new single, "Full Moon," doesn't push the envelope quite as far as STELLAR's "Marionette" recently did, but it's far more titillating overall thanks to some seriously sensual choreography.

On the song's addictive a post-chorus (a hypnotic repetition of "eh eh ehs"), Sunmi drops down into a squat and grinds seductively to one side, before flinging her legs open and sliding over to the other side do it again. She then climbs onto an antique sofa, points and crosses her lean legs just to show off how pretty they are, and then flings her legs open again -- dropping her hands to her crotch to preserve some modesty.

Yes, I know it sounds trashy and stripper-ish, but Sunmi actually manages to make it look surprisingly classy thanks to a seductive vampire theme and a tasteful wardrobe. It definitely comes off a lot more elegant than something like Rihanna and Shakira's "Can't Remember To Forget You," which was all plotless wall humping and faux-lesbo action.

Check out your new favourite dance move, below!