An even 8800 tweets into her social media career, Demi Lovato announced her exit from Twitter this weekend. The departure—which Demi considers more of a "breather" than a full sabbatical—is due to a number of gossip sites speculating about the nature of a series of non-specific freindship-related tweets she blasted out last week, making assumptions about their subject matter. (And youknow what happens when you assume, The Internet.) Demi explained:

Sad news for Lovatics, but pop fans can be comforted in the knowledge that the balance in the pop force was maintained by the return to Twitter from Nicki Minaj, absent since December 5th for not-entirely-known reasons. Queen Barbie re-announced her return as such:

Good of the pop world to auto-adjust to fill the void like this. Comforting, really.