While getting a chance to walk the red carpet at a high-profile music event likely tops many a kid's wish list, rapping princesses Sophia Grace Brownlee and sidekick Rosie continue to raise expectations by returning to The Ellen DeGeneres Show to hang out with Rihanna. What?! But they haven't even covered one of her songs! How else will they learn the merits of hard work? Because DeGeneres is committed to making young people's dreams come true—just not through a competitive vehicle—she facilitated a meet and greet between the American Music Awards invitees and the Bajan star, who just happened to be in town promoting her new album Talk That Talk and seeking dating advice. The girls wore their signature tiaras, and displayed their expected enthusiasm upon sharing the same air as the star, while Rihanna went right in for the hug and friendship contract, without even demanding to hear a rendition of "We Found Love."

After they recovered from the experience, Sophia and Rosie described what it was all like from the comfort of Ellen's couch, lingering on the bold decision by RiRi to pick both of them up given Sophia's likeness to an oversized bag of vegetables. Watch below as Sophia adorably explains the meaning behind the rare English saying "sack of potatoes" ("'cause I'm heavy!"). Don't let it get you down, S. We like you just the way you are.