Super Hot Makeup Artist Transforms Himself Into Celebs With Amazing Results

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First of all, he’s a guy. Second of all, he’s Filipino. Third of all, he’s got a Prince Charming jaw and linebacker shoulders, but that hasn’t stopped the genius that is Paolo Ballesteros from transforming himself into a pretty damn convincing Kim Kardashian.

Like, he could conceivably sneak into Kim and Kanye’s house in the middle of the night, wait for Kim to go pee at say, around 4 AM, sneak into her place and bed and boom! Kanye’s gay.

The brilliant makeup artist/actor, also takes on Dakota Johnson, Kylie Jenner, Michelle Obama, Iggy Azalea and Taylor Swift amongst a slew of other celebs.

Mind. blown. Kanye. Blown. Maybe.

Check back for updates.

And head to Paolo Ballesteros' Instagram to see more of his amazing transformations....


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