Super Junior Star Loses Three Family Members In Rumoured Murder-Suicide


Police are currently investigating the deaths of the father and grandparents of Leeteuk, the leader of one of Asia's most popular boy bands, Super Junior.

Leeteuk's father, aged 57, was found hanging from a wardrobe door in his room yesterday, while the grandparents, aged 84 and 79, were lying in bed covered in a blanket.

The media initially reported that the trio perished in a car accident, but new reports now state that it was actually a case of suicide.

According to reps from the Dongjak Fire Station, who originally discovered the bodies after being called to the apartment, a will and suicide note written by the father were found by the bodies, and its contents have reportedly led police to believe that Leeteuk's father committed suicide and took his parents with him.

A wake for the family, which Leeteuk attended, was held earlier today.

Our thoughts are with Leeteuk during this difficult time.