Post-performance interviews, lots of exposition filler, "Rolling in the Deep": some things are just mandatory for singing competitions. The biggest of all? People talking about how much it's their dream to win the show they auditioned for on a whim. Never will you see a singer marvel about how if this show doesn't work out, he's got 14 other job offers lined up and is consulting a lawyer to decide which record contract to pick. It's always The X Factor/American Idol/whatever or a dismal life of misery, crushed ambitions and obscurity.

Don't take it from us, though. Vulture's assembled a supercut of all the most similar quotes from contestant, judges, and anyone who carries a dream in his heart that can only be freed by multiple millions of dollars. Summary: everyone on The X Factor wants to buy his mama a dream house. Their lives will be changed forever. They have got to lose themselves in the music, because they've only got one shot. The X Factor has replaced oxygen in the air and red blood cells in their veins; if they do not win, they'll literally become desiccated, untelevised corpses. Oh, and Pharrell is quoted on "star morsels" again, because why not? Watch the whole thing below: