Did Taylor Swift even realize that there was an entire new set of award shows she could break into by starting to write songs for movies? If not, don't be surprised to see her starting to offer up songs for the next Alvin and the Chipmunks or Smurfs movies for free just to get herself into the game. Anwyay, she'll get a chance to begin her domination of film award shows on January 13th, when her Hunger Games soundtrack contribution"Safe and Sound" (one of our Top 100 Songs of the Year) goes for the Best Original Song award at the Golden Globes.

She'll have some stiff competition for the award, however, as the likely favorite has to be Adele, the only person in the world to rival Taylor's music award-winning prowess, for her well-received theme to recent Bond flick Skyfall. (Keith Urban and Jon Bon Jovi are also nominees, for Act of Valor's "For You" and Stand Up Guys' "Not Running Anymore"). We'd say "Safe and Sound" is by far the better song of the two, but betting against Adele in award-show season is like betting against Jeremy Lin making the NBA All-Star Team—regardless of the performance, the name basically guarantees results.

Still, we're rooting for Taylor. Film audiences may have never even seen her Surprised Face before! "Boy, that girl sure is humble," Daniel Day-Lewis will think to himself as he sips his brandy in the audience. "Hopefully one day she will learn to accept her awards with the impatience and humorless arrogance of a true artist."

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