Just when we thought that the insane new Girls' Generation single, "I Got a Boy," couldn't get any better, the girls had to go and perform it live. The Divine Nine officially kicked off promotions for the genre-bending banger on last night's episode of M! Countdown, and boy did they deliver. The former cutie pies must have taken a crash course in Ciara's Crunkology 101, because they were workin' and twerkin' it on stage like sexy little street dancers. It's nice to see that their killer choreography isn't just confined to their music videos, and can also be executed live on stage, proving the group's true performance prowess.

In addition to "I Got a Boy," Girls' Gen also busted out their other new single, "Dancing Queen." Considering that the Duffy cover was originally put together way back in 2009 when the girls hadn't quite developed all of their on-stage skills yet, the dance moves were a lot simpler than their more recent releases. They made up for it with live vocals, though, making sure to sing most of the song completely live.

"I Got a Boy" has received some pretty harsh feedback from a lot of K-pop fans since its release, with many shocked at the song's schizophrenic tempo changes and subversive production, but with a few more performances as good as last night's one, we're sure that people will start to come around and love it as much as we do.