South By Southwest Interactive is over, which means the festival's annual film and music maelstrom is officially underway. Expect even more incessant updates to your Twitter feed about what must-see artists you're missing out on, and which celeb entourage hogged all the barbecue sauce at Salt Lick. XXL has a nice recap of the 30th anniversary show from SOB's on Wednesday night, which unfortunately was not treated to a livestream broadcast. We can't all be sponsored by American Express! Still, the night boasted acts like Miguel and 2 Chainz, who ushered in surprise guest Big Sean for a performance of "K.O.," and later his Def Jam big brother Kanye West. Though not on the bill, we doubt the crowd minded the party crashing. Together Sean and West performed the celebratory chart-topper "Marvin & Chardonnay," jumping around the crowded stage and throwing their arms around their gracious hosts, just like you do after a couple drinks in fear your friends won't know how much you love them until you've nearly choked them to death.

Yeezy eventually launched into a "Can't Tell Me Nothing" singalong, furthering the case for an always lively Graduation vs. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy debate, and slightly stealing the spotlight from his peers and the historic venue. This is the second year in a row he's made the pilgrimage to Austin, following his G.O.O.D. Music set for VEVO in 2011. So as an SXSW veteran, ask his crew where the best breakfast tacos are. For those seething with jealousy, pretend you were in-house by watching the video below. And in case things like this lead you towards irrational spending, here's what flights to Austin are currently going for.


Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland) February 4, 2008 Byline: JASON COWAN THE most common question I get asked by both men and women is: "How do I get a flat stomach?" Your abdominal area is split into different sections - lower, upper, transverse and obliques are the main parts which need worked to get a washboard stomach.

Just like any other muscle group, you have to get rid of any layers of fat first before you'll notice the muscle underneath.

Diet and cardio are a key part in preparing your stomach for those gruelling ab exercises.

No point in killing yourself with lots of sit-ups if you haven't worked on your mid-section by changing your diet and incorporated a weekly cardio regime.

To make your abs grow and show, you need to do difficult exercises that make you feel like you've got a furnace in your belly.

Crunches alone won't get you the solid trunk you're after.

Over-training any muscle could have a negative effect and deprive them of precious recovery time.

Your abs already work hard with various other exercises, so ease off and train them on alternate days. website lower back exercises

The good news is you can do just five minutes of ab work after your workouts.

The bad news is there is no recovery between sets - do two sets each of this targets-all-areas routine and see that flat tummy in no time.


The Plank ASSUME a press-up position but place your forearms on the floor, shoulder width apart. Tense your abs as if you were being pinched in the stomach, hold for 30 seconds to one minute then repeat.


Swiss Ball Crunch LIE with your hips and lower and upper back resting on a Swiss ball. Put your fingers behind your ears and crunch your chest towards your hips. Lower to the start and do 20 reps.


Hanging knee raises with twist EXTREMELY tough exercise but very effective for that problem lower stomach and obliques.

Hang from a chin-up bar, close grip, arms fully extended. Lift your knees up to your chest and twist, left to right in a controlled motion then lower.

Avaried movement is to use a straight-leg raise without the twist. go to website lower back exercises


Bar-bell Rollout KNEEL on an exercise mat over a bar-bell loaded with 2kg plates.

Use an overhand shoulder width grip. Keep arms straight with a slight arch in your elbows, roll it out in front of you so your trunk lowers to the floor. When just above the ground, pull back so you roll yourself to the start positions.

Do 10-15 reps.


Medicine Ball Crunch LIE on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat, holding a medicine ball in front of your forehead. Crunch up to bring your shoulder blades off the floor, then lower yourself to the start position. Do 15-20 reps.

Tip of the week:

IF you're not doing squats for your legs, consider using them to build your mid-section. Squats will work your core harder than many abs and lower-back exercises.

You don't have to go heavy - light warm-up sets target abs intensely.

If you want the bits above your legs to look good and your six shy friends to come out, then 3x5min weekly ab workouts is what you need - and a healthy diet.

You can contact Jason at Go Beyond Personal Training, 16 Brandon Street, Hamilton. Or call 07903 338583.


CRUNCH TALKS: The Swiss Ball sit-ups are ideal PICTURE: REX FREATURES