It's about contrast, you see. Maybach Music Group has never really been known for their subtlety when it comes to...well, anything, really, but album titles and covers are opportunities to lay the hammer down that the crew has never shied from. (Memories of the packaging and titling of God Forgives, I Don't will persist long after we've forgotten how "Amsterdam" goes.)

Meek Mill has followed suit with his debut effort Dreams & Nightmares, whose cover writes out the obvious with a quickly unforgettable image of a handcuff attached to a watch. Like this:

We're guessing that the watch represents the dreams, while the handcuff represents the nightmares. What if it were reversed though? Wouldn't that be a The Village-worthy twist?

Dreams & Nightmares is out October 30th. Obvious or not, the chances of the album being very good are high.