If there's anyone that will be happy to say goodbye to 2012, it'll be T-ara. The much-maligned girl group were at the peak of their popularity when a bullying scandal knocked them down a few dozen pegs in late July, nearly destroying the group in the process. Despite the bullying accusations turning out to be false, the damage to T-ara's reputation was done, and the fallout from the scandal can still be felt to this day. After suffering such a tough time in 2012, T-ara will be pleased to know that they closed out the year as the most successful girl group on the K-pop charts. At least, according to Billboard Korea, they did.

T-ara placed a whopping four songs on Billboard Korea's 2012 year-end chart -- the most of any female artist. They were matched only by popular K-indie band, Busker Busker, who also charted four. T-ara's entries were: "Sexy Love" at No. 46; "We Were In Love," featuring Davichi, at No. 32; "Day by Day" at No. 17; and "Lovey-Dovey," at No. 5.

After such a scandalous year, things seem to finally be looking up for T-ara. In addition to their success on the Billboard charts, they were just voted by the Korean public as one of the top ten musical stars of 2012 in an official Korea Gallup poll. Also, a netizen who helped spread the false bullying rumors against the group was recently detained by police, and could soon be charged with defamation of character for his part in T-aragate. Hopefully this will help clear up some of the misconceptions about the girls, leaving the slate clean for their next comeback.

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