T-ara N4 Enlists Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg And More For U.S. Debut

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T-ara N4's recent whirlwind visit to the States to meet Chris Brown seemed like nothing more than an opportunity for the group's label to try and generate some good publicity back home in Korea, but as it turns out, there was a lot more to the trip than just a good photo-op.

At a press conference held in Seoul yesterday, the T-ara subgroup officially announced its plans to debut in America. Come June, the foursome will release their K-pop hit, "Countryside Life," in the U.S. in five different versions, all featuring a different rapper or R&B singer. Chris Brown, T-Pain, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, and Ray J are the lucky five -- their raps will be in English, obviously, while T-ara N4 will go the PSY route by singing in Korean.

Five versions seems a bit ridiculous, and it totally is, but this is T-ara we're talking about. Every time they drop a single or a music video it has to come in fifty million different versions, minimum. At this point, it'd be weird if they didn't do it.

Before the multi-version release of "Countryside Life," T-ara N4 will head back to the States to open for Breezy, who is performing at the Palms Casino in Vegas on May 26. The girls are also planning to attend the BET Awards with him a month later on June 30, which is probably going to be the funniest and most awesomely random thing ever.

Meanwhile, the members of T-ara who didn't make the cut for N4 --Qri, Soyeon, and Boram-- have formed a subunit of their own called QBS. Together, they'll release a single of their own, titled "Like The Wind," on June 26 in Japan. And as if that wasn't enough, T-ara (the whole T-ara; not the subunits) will regroup to release a new Japanese single, "Target," on July 3rd. They're also working on a new group album, but there's no specific details or release dates on that one just yet.

All of this might seem like an impossible workload for T-ara N4, but look on the bright side: At least the girls aren't putting all their eggs in one basket, like Wonder Girls did. Realistically, "Countryside Life" probably isn't going to take off in the States at all (for a million different reasons), so for T-ara to cancel their lucrative activities in Asia would just be stupid. However, zipping over to America for a few weeks to record with some well-known artists, open a concert for Chris Brown, and party at the BET Awards certainly isn't going to hurt. It's basically the same approach that Girls' Generation took when promoting "The Boys" in the States. As long as T-ara N4 doesn't get busted doing anything scandalous that will further tarnish their already soiled reputation in Korea, this U.S. advancement should just result in some good publicity and global exposure, and perhaps even lead to some great opportunities for further collaborations, touring, and more down the line.

Now, can 2NE1 please hurry up with that long talked about U.S. debut we've been hearing about for years? We also wouldn't mind that rumored English-language Girls' Generation album, either.

[Via Tiara Diadem]