T-ara's hit a bit of a rough patch recently. The girl group's latest K-pop single, "What Should I Do?," just bombed on the Korean charts, and the same goes for their last Japanese single, "Number Nine / Memories." But while Korea and Japan aren't treating T-ara too good right now, one place that the group is getting a lot of love from is China.

Since Youtube is blocked in China, the country has its own video-sharing websites, and T-ara's currently dominating the two biggest ones. Over on the Yinyuetai real-time Korean music chart, the girls currently have seven of the top ten most-watched music videos, with their catchy clips beating out top stars like EXO, 2NE1, G-Dragon, TVXQ, and Jaejoong.

T-ara's also taken over the music section of Youku: They're currently ranked first on the "Hit Ranking" section ahead of the likes of Britney Spears, Glee, and PSY, and their new "Hide And Seek" video is just behind Beyonce's "Partition" on the "Number One Star" ranking.

Although T-ara hasn't officially debuted in China yet, they've been building a fanbase in the country (and its neighbours) for a while now. They held a concert for 8000 fans in Hong Kong back in August, attracted 20,000 fans to their Mongolian concert in September, and in November they held their first official Chinese showcase in Beijing.

T-ara may not be nearly as popular as they once were in Korea, but at least they're big across the rest of Asia! Hopefully their agency will take advantage of this and continue to promote the girls across China, because there's no doubt that their popularity in places like Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam was what helped them through their huge scandal last year.

Anyway, check out the Chinese version of T-ara's "What Should I Do?" music video, below!