Mere weeks after Gucci Mane got a Dairy Queen carved into his face, rappa-ternt-sanga T-Pain has set a new standard in dumb pop-star tattoos. Dude just got a totally stupid (meaning stupid) Facebook "Like" button tattoo. He must have been fresh out of a showing of The Social Network or something (we're relieved he didn't see Winter's Bone). We're at least glad T-Pain finally got something a little more timeless to cover up that Friendster tattoo, since technology and networking trends never die and we'll surely be using Facebook until we're old and gray and have long since forgotten what "privacy" meant.

So how long will it take for this tattoo to look totally outdated and ridiculous? Ten years? Two years? The second he stepped out of the tattoo parlor?

Maybe ask Zune guy, who reportedly already got his tattoo covered up after spending a few years reminding people what a Zune is:

Also, Blackberry guy? You haven't won the battle and pretty sure you're gonna lose the war:

Also we know this PowerGlove tattoo is mostly ironic, but we wanted to post it anyway. This could be you in ten years, T-Pain!