As expected, Hyorin's solo single, "One Way Love," has taken the top spot on the Gaon chart in its first week out. The SISTAR superstar dethrones last week's chart-topper, 2NE1's "Missing You," which slips one spot to No. 2. The point difference between the two songs is minimal, proving that 2NE1 are actually showing some real staying power with "Missing You" -- something that their last two singles didn't do.

Anyway, with "One Way Love" topping the charts, SISTAR's total career No. 1s now stands at seven: four as a group, two as soloists, and one as the SISTAR19 subunit.

San E's "Break Up Dinner" climbs two spots to No. 3, while Hyorin's other solo single, "Lonely," debuts at No. 4.

In even better news, VIXX's "Voodoo Doll" enters the charts at No. 7 to become the group's first top ten hit and highest-charting single of their career. Their previous best was "G.R.8.U.," which reached No. 14 back in October. The boys also debut at No. 1 on the album chart with their first full-length album, Voodoo, solidifying their status as one of K-pop's hottest rising stars right now.

A few spots down, Younha's "It's Okay" arrives at No. 9, while miss A's "Hush" slips to No. 11 after two weeks in the top ten.

2AM's new single, "Regret," debuts at No. 18, making it their lowest-charting lead single by a fairly large margin, while Crayon Pop's "Lonely Christmas" enters at No. 35 to become the group's third top forty entry after "Bar Bar Bar" and "Dancing Queen 2.0".

Check out this week's key K-pop hits, below!

No. 1. Hyorin - One Way Love

No. 4. Hyorin - Lonely

No. 7. VIXX - Voodoo Doll

No. 18. 2AM - Regret

No. 35. Crayon Pop - Lonely Christmas

2NE1's popularity ain't what it used to be, but the group's still capable of topping the K-pop charts with ease. Their new single, "Missing You," enters the Gaon chart at No. 1 this week, becoming the tenth chart-topper of their career.

Last week's No. 1, Davichi's "Letter," falls to No. 3, while Lee Juck's "Lies Lies Lies" rises 14 spots to No. 2.

As expected, T.O.P's "Doom Dada" has risen this week, climbing six spots to No. 4, while Taeyang's "RINGA LINGA" is down to No. 14.

San E's new single, "Break Up Dinner," enters at No. 5, pushing miss A's "Hush" down to No. 8.

2AM's new promo single, "Just Stay," debuts at No. 11, followed closely by Lim Kim's latest, "Goodbye 20," at No. 12.

There's really not much else interesting going on in the charts this week, but next week will be better with the debut of Hyorin's solo album.

Check out this week's key K-pop hits, below!

No. 1. 2NE1 - Missing You

No. 5. San E - Break Up Dinner

No. 11. 2AM - Just Stay

No. 12. Lim Kim - Goodbye 20

No. 115. Wa$$up - Nom Nom Nom

Vocal duo, Davichi, have bagged themselves another No. 1 hit, this time with their new buzz single, "Turtle." The emotional midtempo track debuts at the top of this week's official GAON singles chart, making it Davichi's fourth No. 1 since the creation of the chart in 2010.

Two spots lower is boy band, 2AM, whose new seasonal single, "One Spring Day," debuts at No. 3, making it their first lead single to miss the top two.

Just below 2AM is Lee Hi, whose latest offering, "It's Over," comes in at No. 4 this week. The song started off with huge sales on the digital charts shortly after its release, but sales quickly dropped after the first few days, eventually allowing 2AM and Davichi to chart higher. Considering the huge success of last year's "" and all the effort that YG Entertainment has put into promoting Lee Hi, the results for "It's Over" are a little disappointing, but hopefully the song will have some longevity and end up winning in the long run.

The next biggest debut of the week is Zion.T, whose new single, "Two Melodies," arrives at No. 17. Zion first came to fame with a string of high-profile features on hits by the likes of Simon D and Primary, but now he's flying solo and finding a lot of success on his own.

RaNia, who we previously reported were doing well on the digital charts with their new single, "Just Go," debuts at a solid No. 26 this week. It's their highest-charting song to date, and continues the group's streak of continually charting higher with each new single that they release.

Rookie girl group, D-Unit, also reach a new personal peak this week, with their latest single, "Talk To My Face," debuting at No. 54.

Last but not least is newcomers, Ladies' Code. They're a brand new act, having only just hit the K-pop scene last week with the release of their first single, "Bad Girl." The song checks in at No. 72, which doesn't seem like a whole lot, but it's okay for a rookie girl group from a small agency. Hopefully the song will climb even higher next week and establish the talented Ladies' Code as one of 2013's star rookies.

Check out this week's key debuts, below.

No. 1 - Davichi - Turtle

No. 3 - 2AM - One Spring Day

No. 4 - Lee Hi - It's Over

No. 17 - Zion.T - Two Melodies

No. 26 - RaNia - Just Go

No. 56 - D-Unit - Talk To My Face

No. 72 - Ladies' Code - Bad Girl

K-pop stars tend to be very seasonal when it comes to making music. During winter, the market is flooded with gloomy power ballads about lost love and heartache, and in the summer, it's all about fun, upbeat songs that reference the heat, holidays, and going to the beach. Korea is just entering Spring now, which brings with it a sweeter, fresher style of music, usually accompanied by lyrics about flowers blossoming and snow melting.

As two of the biggest ballad groups in K-pop, 2AM and Davichi are getting in on the springtime action before anybody else by staging their respective comebacks during the first week of the new season. 2AM released their sophomore album, the aptly-titled One Spring Day, while Davichi have released a new buzz single called "Turtle," which is a warm-up before the duo drop their next album later this month.

Like all 2AM singles, "One Spring Day" is a weepy vocal ballad that aims to tug at the heartstrings and nothing more. It's a style that the quartet's steadfastly stuck by for their entire career, despite declining record sales since they peaked with the emotional, "Can't Let You Go Even If I Die," back in 2010.

Davichi's "Turtle" is a little more uplifting, despite still being a relatively melancholy midtempo ballad. The music video stars Davichi's Core Contents Media labelmate, Hyoyoung, who is currently preparing to make a comeback with her girl group, 5dolls. Her appearance in "Turtle" is clearly to promote Davichi just as much as it is to promote herself and her group's long overdue return to the Kpop scene.

"Turtle" is currently performing extremely well on the digital charts, just as all of Davichi's releases do. "One Spring Day" isn't doing quite as good, but it could pick up later in the week once the boys begin officially promoting the single on music programs.

Check out both videos below.

The K-pop competition is about to heat up, with a number of major comebacks all scheduled for the first-half of March. The biggest of the bunch is probably boy band balladeers, 2AM, who will release their second studio album, One Spring Day, on March 5th. The group's singles almost always hit No. 1 on the charts, and with this being their first Korean release in almost a year, anticipation for their return is high.

Giving 2AM a run for their money will be YG Entertainment's "super rookie," Lee Hi. The 16-year-old will drop a buzz single called "Turn It Up," on March 1st, ahead of the rumored release of her first studio album later in the month. Lee Hi absolutely dominated the charts last year with her debut single, "," so her impending comeback will really show if her success was a fluke or if she has the staying power of a true superstar.

Two days after 2AM's One Spring Day drops, U-Kiss will release their third studio album, Collage, on March 7th. The boy band is infamous for having never won a music program, and their current peak in popularity was back in 2011 with their hit, "0330." However, their endless perseverance has won them a loyal fanbase and made them a noticeable presence on the K-pop scene, with many folk still hopeful that their big break could be right around the corner.

Last but not least is Girl's Day, who will release their long-awaited debut studio album on March 14th. The group has already tested the waters with a buzz single called "White Day" (which just debuted at No. 43 on the charts), but we're really just eager to find out what their real single is going to sound like and what concept they'll take on this time around. Like we wrote recently, Girl's Day's popularity has wildly-fluctuated over the years, so their comeback could go any way at this point.

Who are you most excited to see in March?

It's an unofficial rule in the pop world that every time Christmas rolls around, basically everyone must cover Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You." From Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato to Lady Antebellum and the cast of Glee, Mimi's holiday classic is virtually inescapable for the first 25 days of December. The same goes for K-pop, with the song being covered by every big star, every year, without fail. On Friday's episode of Music Bank, about 10+ K-poppers got together to close the show with a festive performance of the hit. We couldn't count everyone, but we spotted Ailee, miss A, TVXQ, f(x)'s Luna, Juniel, K. Will, SISTAR's Hyorin, KARA, 2AM's Jo Kwon, and 4minute's Jiyoon. The microphones were conveniently handed out to only the strongest vocalists, making this rendition pretty damn perfect. If KARA's Hara or Music Bank host, UEE, tried to take center stage, then this performance could've easily turned into The Nightmare Before Christmas.