Davichi remain unstoppable on this week's Gaon digital chart as their latest single Cry Again climbs to No. 1.

This gives the vocal duo their eighth No. 1 single since the Gaon chart started in 2009. It's also their first chart-topper since 2013's The Letter; none of their singles in 2014 reached the top, which may have factored into their decision to leave longtime record label Core Contents Media last year.

INFINITE H, the hip-hop subunit of boy band INFINITE, narrowly miss the top spot this week: Their new single, Pretty, arrives at No. 2.

Further down, Nine Muses' new single Drama soars to No. 13, giving the group their highest-charting single to date. The sassy Drama beats the group's previous peak of No. 16 for Gun, and No. 17 for Dolls.

A few spots lower, 4minute's pre-release ballad Cold Rain debuts at No. 15. It's not a great position by 4minute's standards, but their official single Crazy drops next week so you can expect that to chart much higher.

Last and sadly least, Lizzy jumps 50 spots to No. 38 with her first solo single Not An Easy Girl. While it's good to see her enter the top forty, the song is essentially a flop compared to the high chart positions her two girl groups After School and Orange Caramel usually reach.

Check out this week's key K-pop hits below.

No. 1. Davichi - Cry Again

No. 2. INFINITE H - Pretty

No. 13. Nine Muses - Drama

No. 15. 4minute - Cold Rain

No. 38. Lizzy - Not An Easy Girl

4minute --the cooler than cool K-pop group best known Stateside for the solo career of star member HyunA-- made an unexpected return today with a new song called Cold Rain--and it's a ballad!

The fivesome's signature has always been club-friendly electro tunes or genre-bending pop ditties from Korean hitmakers like Shinsadong Tiger and Brave Brothers, so Cold Rain marks the first time that they've ever tackled the ballad genre.

And surprisingly enough, it actually suits them quite well.

The melancholy production (courtesy of Son Young Jin and Jo Sung Ho, who recently produced Davichi's Sorry I'm Happy) is just as gorgeous as it is gloomy. The group also gets a real opportunity to showcase their singing for once, with each member having a uniquely different style, from spine-tingling high notes to gentle rapping.

For those of you that aren't feeling the whole ballad direction, don't worry: 4minute will be back early next month with a proper pop single.

Check out Cold Rain below.

16 people are dead and many, many more injured after an accident at a concert in South Korea.

Around 700 fans were in attendance at Pangyo Techno Valley to watch several bands including hugely popular girl group 4Minute in Seongnam, just south of Seoul.

The accident happened when a ventilation grate gave way, sending a group of people 10 meters into an underground parking area, reports the BBC.

The death toll is sadly very likely to rise, according to rescue teams at the site.

"Twelve people were killed at the scene, two others died while they were being rushed to the hospital. Others are assumed to have passed away while receiving medical treatment," a local fire official allegedly told Yonhap news agency.

Witnesses claim the group had climbed onto the grate to get a better view of the show.

"I'm a bit shaken up but I'm OK. I was literally 20 ft away from where it happened. None of us knew what had happened. I was queuing up at the beer tent at the time. The concert had just started," concertgoer Ross Gibson, who lives in Seoul, told the BBC.

"There was a sudden, loud screaming, and when I turned it looked as if people were being sucked down into a hole," said another witness.

This is the second tragedy to hit South Korea this year after the Sewol ferry sank six months ago, causing the loss of over 300 lives.


Earlier this week, K-pop princess HyunA released a teaser photo for her new album that showed her posing next to some shirtless hunks in giant monkey masks. Now, in the new music video teaser for her upcoming single "RED," there's some serious role reversal going on; HyunA's now the topless one, posing with an actual real monkey clinging to her bare chest.

I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say: WHAT THE HELL?!

K-pop's No. 1 hottie HyunA already showed us that she knows how to play a smouldering sex kitten to perfection in the first few teaser photos for her upcoming solo single "RED," so now she's showing off a more playful side in the latest teaser for the future hit.

HyunA often mixes her signature sex appeal with a cheeky, girlish charm, so I imagine that the final product is going to be some kind of fusion concept rather than an all-out sexy one.

Whatever it is, we'll find out for sure on the 28th when "Red" and HyunA's new mini-album A Talk officially drop.

Check out the official tracklist for A Talk below.

The Korean entertainment industry has been at a standstill ever since the tragic Sewol ferry disaster, and it's reflected in the official K-pop charts. There's been little movement on the charts for weeks, with virtually all of the previously-scheduled new releases having been pushed back to unspecified dates in the future.

Akdong Musician's "200%" takes back the No. 1 spot after 15&'s "Can't Hide It" dethroned the teen duo last week. IU and HIGH4's "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms" moves one place to No. 2, followed by 15& in third place.

A Pink's "Mr. Chu" is back in the top five, climbing two spots to No. 4, while Soyou and Junggigo's "Some" hops three places to No. 12, and Orange Caramel's catchy "Catallena" moves to No. 13.

4minute's "Whatcha Doin' Today" is No. 30, Crayon Pop's "UH-EE!" is No. 31... That's about it. Sorry, but there's just not much to report this week!

Anyway, take a listen to this week's No. 1 below.