It usually the weirder and wackier K-pop videos that end up going viral --like PSY's "Gangnam Style" and Crayon Pop's "Bar Bar Bar"-- and they don't come much more bizarre than Orange Caramel's "Catallena."

The clip sees the Orange Caramel girls shrunk down and dressed as pre-packaged fish and ready-to-eat sushi (complete with adorable props like rice cakes and tiny soy sauce dishes) in a fast food sushi restaurant. They sing, they dance, and they gush over an expensive octopus played by a man in drag.

On the surface it may look like a whole bunch of silliness for the sake of silliness, but just like "Gangnam" style, there's a deeper meaning behind the colorful antics. The entire video serves as a metaphor for girl groups in the Korean music industry, with Orange Caramel warning that packaged pop acts that sell out with cheap images for instant success will quickly be consumed and forgotten.

The best bit is that all this social commentary is set to a fabulously camp italo disco soundtrack that sounds like it was plucked straight out of the last Eurovision Song Contest.

"Catallena" has already amassed almost 2 million views in just five days (roughly 900,000 thousand on each of the two official accounts its uploaded to), and it definitely has the potential to go much, much higher over the coming weeks and months.

Check it out below!

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Former Wonder Girl Sunmi scores her second solo hit this week, debuting at an impressive No. 2 with her new single "Full Moon."

It's Sunmi's second time at No. 2; her first was her debut single "24 Hours," which narrowly missed out on the top spot last year.

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Sitting at No. 1 for another week is SISTAR's Soyou with her Junggigo duet, "Some," which has been so successful that it's already picked up six wins on Korea's main music programs.

Veteran K-diva Park Ji Yoon debuts at No. 12 with "Beep," while her other new single, "Inner Space," enters at the much lower 122.

As we predicted last week, Ladies' Code's "So Wonderful" has raced up the charts, shooting 19 spots to No. 14. It's now the second-highest charting song of the group's career, just behind "Hate You" which briefly peaked at No. 13.

AOA's "Miniskirt" and Girl's Day's "Something" both continue to show crazy longevity on the charts, sitting at No. 16 and No. 17 respectively, while Ga-In's "Truth Or Dare" falls to No. 20.

STELLAR stays on the move with their controversial new single "Marionette," which gives the girl group their first ever top forty hit this week by raising seven spots to No. 35.

Meanwhile, T-ara's special collaboration single with Cho Young-soo, "First Love," debuts at a disappointing No. 47, but could possibly rise a bit next week. After School's own special collaboration single, "Week" with Brave Brothers, enters one spot lower at No. 48.

Check out this week's key new K-pop hits below!

No. 2. Sunmi - Full Moon

No. 12. Park Ji Yoon - Beep

No. 14. Ladies' Code - So Wonderful

No. 35. STELLAR - Marionette

No. 47. T-ara - First Love