In more ridiculous breaking news and fabricated nonsense re Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's upcoming wedding, reports divulge that the gruesome twosome will be hosting a tour at the Palace of Versailles after a brunch at Valentino's 'splendid chateau'.

The brunch will be hosted by Andre Leon Talley, Vogue's very own mash-up of Kim and Kanye for the last fifty years at least. Talley will be covering this imaginary event for US Vogue.

Then, if you're still awake, the giddy unwed parents will hand out special cellphones to their guests, containing the secret details about the nuptials. Guests will even be assigned their own security guards.

Here's the one glitch. Kimye are not Liz and Dick, no matter how delusional they are. They can't be showbiz royalty because they aren't beloved, and they haven't accomplished anything of any importance.

It's a sign of our culture's death rattle that we are paying so much attention to them, but not a measure of anything else. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton can continue to rest in peace.

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