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WATCH | Austin Mahone's playful and sultry "Better with You" music video

MUSIC VIDEO | Pop singer snuggles up in his latest clip

Coming off his first-ever No. 1 hit on Billboard's Dance Club Songs scorecard, Austin Mahone sketches out a romantic rendezvous with his love (portrayed by Naila, an artist, model and writer) in his brand new "Better with You" video. "I finally got you to myself on your off day," Mahone coos, over bubbly tropical beats and heavy house production, as the two lounge and snuggle in bed. Hopping inside his supped-up fire-red convertible, they scurry to the coast to share a few intimate moments before heading to the carnival scene. "Don't you run away," he later chants, the production growing thicker and more sultry by the minute. Directed by Vitaly Kibenko, the clip (below) contains cinematic shots, even in the close-ups; they're expansive, vibrant and capture the magic of love. Mahone, for his part, shines, as he often does.

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Mahone's "Lady," featuring Pitbull, landed at the summit on the chart dated June 10. It becomes his first No.1 in his first attempt, while Pitbull collects his 14th leader, tying Dave Aude, Enrique Iglesias and Lady Gaga.

Over the past few years, Mahone has released a sequence of EPs and mixtapes, including 2016's This is Not the Album. In an interview with Fuse earlier this year, he claimed the full-length debut album is coming. "I'm definitely gonna bring some sounds that my fans know and love, but I want to kind of expand on the genres a little bit. I'm definitely going to incorporate some of that R&B sound in there. I don't even have a name yet. I don't have a date yet. But it's gonna be amazing."

He adds, "My personal taste in music is R&B...and I wanted to infuse that somehow with the pop music because I love pop as well. The fans have been loving it so far, and a lot of new fans have been loving it."

Watch the new video below:

Earlier this year, Mahone dropped his For Me+You mixtape, which includes "Lady," "Better with You," the 2 Chainz-assisted "Shake It for Me" and "Double Up." "I'm not really switching it up. It's not like I'm doing rock or anything. It's still pop, but I wanted to incorporate some R&B flavor this time. I think I married them pretty well. It's a really great project. My personal favorite song is 'Double Up' because it's got some soul to it. That's what I like," he also told Coveteur about the project.

For the record, you might expect some country songs from him...eventually, and you'll never guess his dream collaboration. "I'm from Texas, so it's in my blood to be country. I would definitely love to do a country song. I want to collaborate with the King of Country, George Strait—if we can make that happen, that would be great! I came out the womb listening to George. I am absolutely [a superfan]. I was sad because he did a farewell show in Dallas and I didn't make it, but hopefully he'll come back out and do a show in Vegas or something."

Check out his upcoming tour dates:

June 7 - St. Louis, MO - The Firebird

June 8 - Louisville, KY - Diamond Pub Concert Hall

June 9 - Atlanta, GA - The Loft

June 11 - Washington, DC - U Street

June 12 - Philadelphia, PA - Coda

Jun-13 - New York, NY - Webster Hall

June 14 - Boston, MA - Paradise Rock Club

June 16 - Freehold, NJ - iPlay America's Event Center

June 17 - Poughkeepsie, NY - Radio Show

June 18 - Buffalo, NY - Kiss the Summer Hello

June 19 - Detroit, MI - The Magic Stick

June 21 - Chicago, IL - Park West

June 24 - Boise, ID - Boise Music Festival - Expo Idaho

June 25 - Seattle, WA - Neumos

June 26 - Portland, OR - Hawthorne Theatre

Jun-28 - San Francisco, CA - Social Hall SF

June 29 - Los Angeles, CA - Fonda


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It's been about nine months since Austin Mahone released his second EP, The Secret. That might not sound like a long time, but for the thousands of young #Mahomies that worship the Mmm Yeah singer, it's an eternity.

After one Mahomie in particular sent out a few tweets today expressing her frustration over the lengthy wait for new music from the teen dream, Austin himself tweeted her back to explain his side of the story.

"I understand where you're coming from because I feel the same exact way," he wrote. "But at the same time I don't wanna rush it and then put out a single that doesn't do well. Because you're only as big as your last record. So I wanna take time to make sure that I have some incredible, next level, monster smashes that I can release and feel good about. And believe me I've got some crazy songs that are potential next singles but i want to be sure. I'm going to LA in Feb. To finish my first album once and for all. But trust me when I drop it... you won't be disappointed."

He added, "Trust me theres nobody in this world more impatient than me and I wanna get this album out already. Real Mahomies will be patient with me."

So, there you have it. Austin's well aware of how his fans feel right now, but he's just taking his time to ensure that his next album hits it big--unlike The Secret, which was called out by record executives for its poor sales.

We're rooting for you, buddy!

As we wait for Austin Mahone to return with an official single, the teen dream has gone and dropped a brand new song out of the blue called "Places" -- and best of all, it's available to download for free.

"Places" plays like a poppier, less introspective take on the moody R&B that Bieber's been peddling since last year's underrated Journals album.

It's certainly a departure from the dance-pop of "Mmm Yeah" and "What About Love," which have been the 18-year-old Mahone's biggest (and only) hits to date.

Could this mean that we'll be getting a more mature-sounding Austin Mahone from his next album?

Take a listen below and let us know what you think of his new sound.

Austin Mahone isn't a stranger to making his fans cry, out of sheer joy and gratitude. During his recent tour experience, the rising pop singer gives Teen Vogue an exclusive sneak peek at his tour bus and what it's like out on the road. As his second headlining venture, Mahone proved to be quite the audience draw. "It's good to have friends on the road," he shares in a new Headliners episode. "They've been there since the beginning, so they know me more than anybody else."

In the episode (below), Mahone highlights his team, including Zach Dorsey (who helps him with meet-n-greets and poster signings), Alex Constancio and Robert Villanueva (his songwriting partner-in-crime). "My friends are here to help me and have fun and forget everything and be a regular kid," Mahone continues. Fans are then able to see the behind-the-scenes preparation for his tour stop in Phoenix, Ariz.

In another Headliners clip, Mahone allows the cameras to capture his illustriously grand tour bus, from his mattress suite (complete with a standup shower) to what's stocked in his kitchen (lots of milk, Gatorade and soda). "The bus is basically how we live at home," Constancio says.

Previously, 5 Seconds Of Summer were featured on the exclusive series, revealing the members' (Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin) innate humor and skills backstage. Ahead of this year's MTV Video Music Awards, 5SOS chatted about what it was like to play stadiums for the first time and so much more!

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Although, Ariana Grande's Break Free was originally meant for Austin Mahone, we're glad it's in her hands instead.

The Zedd-collaborative track currently sits at No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Last week, the track debuted at No. 4; however, on-going eight weeks strong, it still manages to rank a position in the top 10.

Grande manages to allow her powerhouse vocals do the work and gives us chills at the exact same time. Besides, if it weren't for Grande singing the track, would we be able to see the outstanding performances that she puts on? The star, performed her smash hit, Break Free, on America's Got Talent last night (Aug. 27).

Grande wears a bedazzled black dress and tops it off with a headband and knee-high socks. Some may claim that she is a terrible performer and always ends up going off tune—but at the same time, viewers need to also understand that it's a EDM track and she also manages to hit the high notes. Regardless of the negative comments, she did a great job. Besides, it's not like I can do any better, so there's no point in throwing some negativity at her.

Props to Grande for keeping up with these buzzing performances. First the VMAs, now this? It just keeps going and going. At the end of the day, she had three tracks in the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100 this month, so who's really winning, here? Her. Like Taylor Swift says, "all the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate." Oh and she's also dating her best friend, Big Sean. Double win, gal!

Keep slaying Grande.

Pick up a copy of 'My Everything' on iTunes

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Teen dream Austin Mahone hasn't really landed what you could call a genuine hit single yet, but maybe he would have by now had he recorded Ariana Grande's "Break Free" -- which he almost did.

In an interview with Tiger Beat, the 18-year-old revealed that the Zedd collaboration was originally offered to him before it ever made its way into Ariana's manicured hands.

Actually, Ariana’s new song that just came out was supposed to be mine like a year ago,” he said. “‘Break Free,’ like they sent it to me and I was supposed to record it, but I never did.”

Bad move, Mahone: "Break Free" is a top five hit on the Hot 100, while Austin's own EDM single, "Mmm Yeah," only reached No. 49.

Mahone's record label has already expressed disappointment over his record sales, but in the kid's defense, he's still a semi-new artist who probably just needs time to grow. He's not even old enough to drink yet, so with a little patience and the right songs, I'm sure he'll be sitting on a slew of top ten hits by the time he's swigging his first legal beer.