Who could forget the sassy and brassy Camille Grammer from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

She gave us the immortal line "the morally corrupt Faye Resnick", she’s perky, peppy, and pissed on Kelsey (her ex) whenever she got the chance. Sure, he may have left her for a frisky flight attendant, but she was left with lots of money, property up the wazoo, and reality show fodder that raked in the ratings.

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We can’t say all of Camille’s millions are thanks to her ex—she’s had a pretty successful career over the years too. Celebrity Net Worth considers the blonde a model, actress, dancer, film producer, TV personality, and screenwriter. It’s a wonder she had any time to dish with Andy on WWHL with all she’s got going on!

The Richest reminds us that Camille has her first taste of “fame” as a dancer on Club MTV. Celebrity Net Worth notes how her career blossomed from there with roles on “R-rated erotic films” including New York Nights and The Naked Detective. Wonder where he kept his magnifying glass? Plus, she modeled for Playboy and other media.

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We loved Camille on RHOBH though these days she’s just a “friend” to the cast. Otherwise she spends time working for her production company, Grammnet Productions and spending Kelsey’s cash on herself and their kids.

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If Camille’s blond ambition was to strike it rich, she succeeded. The only club she’ll be found dancing in now starts with VIP.

Camille is one of them. She’s worth a whopping $50 million! Being an ex-wife pays better than staying hitched!



Brace yourselves, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans - Adrienne Maloof and Camille Grammer are coming back to the show!

That's right - cray-cray Maloof, who left on the WORST terms, is being brought back to fill the gap left by Carlton Gebbia and Joyce Giraud.

Camille, you might remember, was absolutely batshit off-her-rocker in season one but quickly learned how to hide it and became unbelievably boring.

The ladies won't be on full time, instead being considered more as "friends of the Housewives".

Let's see what happens!