Cardi B Doesn't Need "Press," and We Love Her for It

The song is top-tier, but it's not quite the takedown she said it would be.

Entertainment Tonight

It seems ignoble to review Cardi B's latest single.

"Press," an antagonistic shot at the media, was meant to serve as a declaration of independence for the rapper, but instead the single serves as a radio-friendly "Bodak Yellow" B-side. Minus the first few bars of the chorus, ("Press, press, press, press, press, Cardi don't need more press"), Cardi chooses to mostly flex on the single. Among other things, she talks about how she might buy a yacht, describes her "flooded" wrist, how she "rides that dick like she Cardi Andretti," and how she can sit on Offset's face whenever she wants. The track was initially inspired by a rumor in December that Cardi and Offset's divorce was a publicity stunt for Offset's solo album Father of 4. But minus a few dismissals of "hoes" and "haters," "Press" could easily disappear into the rest of Cardi's discography and just isn't the takedown that Cardi implied it would be when she teased the track's detailed and powerful cover art.

That's not to say "Press" is a bad song. It's not. Cardi B's growth from a charismatic stripper into a Hip-Hop icon has been one of the most fascinating and inspiring ascensions in modern music history. Cardi's lyrics in "Press" are still top-tier, if not mildly recycled, and the track is sure to climb to the top of the charts in a matter of days. While it may not be exactly what we ordered, it's still unbelievably tasty, and will no doubt grow into one of the summer's grittiest songs.