There's been a cast shake-up for The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills - and at least two ladies are definitely not returning.

Carlton Gebbia and Joyce Giraud are both OUT - after just one season!

"Decisions were made and Joyce and Carlton have been informed that they're not coming back," an insider told Us Weekly.

While Carlton definitely had her moments of fun, Joyce was the human equivalent of a rabid chihuahua and never seeing her on TV again will be a blessing, to put it mildly!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills concluded last night with an episode full of tears and triumphs!

Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville went at it once again. Although Lisa claims to still not know what exactly she did wrong to end the friendship, Brandi remains firm that Lisa’s relationship with Scheana Marie, the mistress that ruined her marriage, is a major factor.

Don’t get me wrong; Brandi has every reason to despise Scheana. However, Scheana is a longtime employee of Lisa’s and has done nothing to her. If Brandi continues to be that upset about Scheana being at certain events, then she shouldn’t go. Plain and simple. The best part of the episode was hands down when Brandi asked whom Lisa would save in a burning fire: her or Scheana. Lisa didn’t answer, so naturally Brandi flipped.

Aside from being “strategic” as Brandi calls her, Lisa was told she only likes people when they are on top. Kyle Richards was quick to chime in and agree with Ms. Glanville. She believes Lisa also turned on her when viewers weren’t on Team Kyle last season. Brandi claims Lisa told her “she was losing her audience”. To back up her “strategic” accusation, she said Lisa would call her every day to discuss how they would act on the show. Long story short, Brandi has found every possible reason to be pissed at Lisa.

Kyle believes that Lisa had planned to "take her down" when she brought up on camera the rumors about Maurcio Umansky cheating, even after she asked her not to speak about it from the beginning of the season. Lisa said the only reason she brought it up on camera was to help get rid of the story. Lisa eventually apologized to Kyle, so lets stop beating a dead horse. Put it to rest, ladies.

All of the husbands were in attendance. And by all of the husbands I mean Mauricio, Michael, and Ken. Tough subject with this crew, yeah? (Side note: is David Foster alive? Cc: Yolanda) Lisa’s husband, Ken Todd, made an appearance in the hot seat. Ken admitted that he and Lisa disagreed with of the things Brandi has done in the past year, so they took a step back from their friendship with her. In turn, Brandi lashed out like a crazy person, which we witnessed this entire season. Ken said he doesn’t believe that he will ever be able to forgive her. However, after witnessing Brandi crying, the chance of reconciliation looks promising.

So, after a ridiculous season, which ladies will be coming back next year? Well, we can think of a few who shouldn’t. Joyce Giraud is a sweet girl, but has zero storyline and seems dumber than dirt. Kim Richards is finally living a sober life, however she also has nothing interesting going on other than her obsession with her dog (which is like watching paint dry). I also see no need for Carlton Gebbia to come back. Aside from her “friendships” with Lisa and Brandi, she doesn’t really have any close pals from the cast. She hates Kyle with a burning passion and the feeling is definitely mutual. Carlton has been rather abrasive from day one, but there is no doubt in my mind that she’d kick anyone’s ass.

Bravo needs to bring some new bat shit crazy women on board!

Yet another eventful season full of bizarre antics and crazy middle aged women is in the books for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hill’s finest were back for round two in last night’s second installment of the three-part reunion.

The evening kicked of with a very dishonest conversation about plastic surgery. A blind person could tell you the faces of these women are nipped and tucked beyond words, yet they continue to remain coy about the work they’ve done. Brandi Glanville, whose face hasn’t moved in two weeks, admitted to overdoing it on the filler. However, they all denied any actual surgery. Yeah, okay.

Andy Cohen took a stab at Carlton Gebbia’ s practice of witchcraft. She made it known that she needs to explain her choice of faith to no one. Am I the only person who finds this woman terrifying? Anywho, the British spitfire quickly turned the spotlight on Ms. Kyle Richards. Carlton has made it extremely clear all season that she would rather light herself on fire than be around Kyle, and last night was no exception.

Kyle believes that Carlton had an agenda and made a point to hate her before she even met her. The two brunettes immediately started going at it over Carlton’s faith before Brandi jumped in to defend Kyle. Side note: where the hell did THAT sudden friendship spring from?!

Yolanda Foster stood up for Carlton as soon as the infamous anti-Semitic comment was brought up. The ladies bickered and basically agreed that they are never going to like each other. Lets be real, what else is new in Housewives land?

Then, for roughly the 987th time this season, we had to discuss their children going off to college. For the love of God, they are away at school. Stop crying. Stop whining.

The best part of it all is Joyce Giraud’s sympathy tears. I guess she’s preparing herself to have her own painting party in the lemon garden for her kid when he leaves for college in 15 years. Kyle also cried thinking about her daughter leaving for college. I’m sorry ladies, if I was one of your children, I’d be in school across the country faster than you can say….you...are...all....lunatics…..

Kim Richards and Lisa Vanderpump yet again discuss Lisa’s absence from Kim’s daughter’s graduation party. This argument continues to be ridiculous because Lisa not only let Kim know she could not attend, but also sent her a gift. It’s stupid and at this point these women would argue about friggin’ breakfast cereals. They just want to fight. They’ve all been beating a dead horse that has been dead now for an entire season.

Kim expressed her thoughts about Lisa’s husband Ken Todd and how he is aggressive and mean. Sure, he probably shouldn’t have made some of the comments he did, but he was defending his wife, and that’s that. Moving on!

It has been no shocker that Brandi has been nothing short of a hot mess this season. She revealed she went through a stage of depression, which caused her to need medication.

Brandi was not shy about her drinking lately, which stirred talk that she has an alcohol problem. Joyce tried to say Brandi needs to go to rehab. Also, Joyce dropped the bomb that Brandi calls the paparazzi to photograph her. Whether this is true or not—Joyce, please pipe down.

Another memorable night with Beverly Hill’s craziest ladies.

Tune in next week for the final installment of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion!

The fierce ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills gathered together last night for the first segment of a 3-part reunion that is guaranteed to be nothing short of insanity.

In typical Real Housewives fashion, the women came with guns a blazing! Andy Cohen deserves some sort of medal for dealing with these nut jobs….

To kick things off, Brandi Glanville and Joyce Giraud decided to add more fuel to their fire—the fire being their never ending feud.

As you may recall, these two were never one another’s biggest fans. However, their animosity seemed to be water under the bridge after the  recent Puerto Rico trip. The two mamas tore into each other last night though over the infamous “Jacqueline Laurita” name calling, the alleged racist comment in Palm Springs, and countless other bullshit moments this season. Joyce attempted to piss Brandi off but—perhaps due to the amount of Botox in her face—Glanville didn’t appear to be the least bit phased.

It became increasingly clear that most of the women’s motive this season was to bring Lisa Vanderpump down. Yolanda Foster had her moment on the couch to voice her opinion on how Lisa “hurt” her. She can’t seem to decide if Lisa is her true friend or her Hollywood frenemy. For roughly the 100th time in the past two weeks, Yolanda brought up Lisa’s absence from her now infamous painting party. I’m still not totally sure why she is so heartbroken that Lisa couldn’t make it. Get over it already and go paint something, lady.

Brandi also took a stab at Lisa’s inability to be a good friend. Brandi claimed that Lisa is a completely different person on camera than she is off. Brandi said she wished that Lisa would confront her supposed drinking problem both on and off camera. Then, she said she often drinks until 4am with Lisa at her West Hollywood hotspot, SUR. Brandi, please get a freakin’ hobby.

Kim Richards discussed her sobriety and reassured viewers that she really has no story line other than teaching her dog to play dead on command. Carlton Gebbia also brought a whole lot of nothing to the table.

Meanwhile, Kyle Richards sat rather quiet, but that won’t last for long when she gets in the hot seat next week!

It was a relatively calm first part of their emotional reunion, but something tells us that won’t last for long.

Part 2 airs next Monday on Bravo.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season finally came to a close last night and the claws were out.  Chaos ensued as the ladies celebrated the 100th birthday of their dearest 90210 zip code!

Post Puerto Rico vacay, the women returned home to Beverly Hills and reflected on the confrontation with Lisa Vanderpump.

It was revealed that Lisa and her husband Ken Todd abruptly left their hotel without telling anyone. Naturally, that pissed the women off. But then again, what doesn’t?

No one, including Brandi Glanville, had spoken to Lisa since their vacation and they all made it clear that they were anxious about seeing her at Kyle Richards’ upcoming party.

As a member of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, Kyle threw a celebratory 100th birthday party at the Beverly Hilton (do you think niece Paris gave her a discount?).  Carlton Gebbia, who might be Lisa’s newest wingman, picked Yolanda Foster’s brain about what went down in Puerto Rico. Yolanda stood her ground and said she expects Lisa to own up to what she did. Guess someone is still bitter that Lisa bailed on her painting party in the lemon garden……….

Brandi and Kyle arrived at the party together. Brandi brought along a random date that she described as a “sexy good dancer”. Solid boyfriend criteria. That poor guy had no idea what he got himself into. Anywho, Ms. Glanville declared that she was going to have three drinks in order to gain the liquid courage to confront Lisa. Seems to be the story of Brandi’s life, right? Kim Richards, Joyce and her husband arrived arm in arm to the shindig together, which was really, really strange.

Lisa and the other women greeted one another with the fakest interaction in the history of the world. She half-heartedly apologized for leaving Puerto Rico early, which resulted in an abundance of awkward silence. Yolanda tried to talk to Ken (despite him calling her stupid) but he quickly ran away without acknowledging her. Of course, Yolanda made it known that her husband would never speak like that. Side note: where the hell is David Foster? Ever? Ken certainly was not his jovial British self, but in his defense he was just standing up for his wife.

Lisa and Kyle square up to talk about the tabloid rumors. Kyle desperately wanted Lisa to admit her role in the ordeal, however she remains firm that she had nothing to do with it. Lisa continually said she “cahhhhn’t do this anymore” and that they need to just get over it. While Kyle seems to accept that, she quickly told Lisa that her attempt at an apology was “a day late and a dollar short”.

Brandi and Lisa also sat down to discuss their problems. Brandi made it known that she is done being “manipulated” by Lisa and refuses to keep falling under her spell. Brandi tore into Lisa’s relationship with Scheana, the mistress of her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian. Brandi cannot wrap her mind around Lisa’s attempt to defend her, let alone how she claims she made them sit down and talk for the sake of her spinoff show. Lisa said she does not agree with what Scheana did, however it happened many years ago and she is her employee. Brandi put it quite simply: Scheana or her. And while it seems that Brandi has made up her mind to completely end her friendship with Lisa, perhaps the foul-mouthed momma should remember how much Lisa stood up for her ridiculous nonsense the entire last season….

All in all, it is clear that no friendships remained after this season. It was a roller coast ride full of name-calling (not just Jacqueline), tears, pettiness, jealous, and absolute immaturity.

It remains unknown who will be returning next season, but we can take some guesses. Kyle is pretty much the foundation of the show. Carlton and Joyce are the most boring humans on this planet, so it wouldn’t be a total shocker if they hit the chopping block. Kim is in the same boat. For the love of God, Kim needs a hobby. The woman must be bored out of her mind aside from attending odd autograph conventions and obsessing over her daughter leaving for college like its federal state prison. Brandi will do anything for her next paycheck, so she’s gonna try her hardest to keep stomping down the streets of Beverly Hills. Lisa, on the other hand, looks like she may be over the drama once and for all.

Don’t worry though, the women will be back for three more weeks with the three-part finale airing next Monday.

More drama, tears, screaming, and lies?!

God bless us all.

It was another action packed episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Monday night.

Carlton Gebbia and Yolanda Foster hit up a Wiccan store together to do a little candle shopping and, of course, gossip!

They discussed the current drama surrounding Carlton and Kyle Richards. While Yolanda defended Kyle’s character and believes she just said something stupid and ignorant, she made it clear that the comment was uncalled for.

Meanwhile, Kyle and Joyce Giraud met for coffee. They, also, chatted about all the drama with Kyle and Carlton. They mutually decided to not invite Carlton to go to Puerto Rico with the rest of the group. That is definitely going to go over well with Carlton. NOTTTTTTTTT!

Watch out ladies, someone might cast a spell in return……..

Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville (new besties?!) went to get spray tans for the upcoming Puerto Rico trip. Brandi continued to talk about her budding feud with Lisa Vanderpump and divulges to Kim that she is concerned about Ken and Lisa joining them on vacation.

Ms. Glanville made it VERY clear that she isn’t ready to be on Lisa’s bad side. Hey Adrienne Maloof, care to comment?

Yolanda and ex-husband Mohamed Hadid prepped for daughter Gigi’s graduation/going away extravaganza at Mohamed’s insane Beverly Hills compound. He was busy cooking (lets use that word lightly) Arabic food for the shindig, while Yolanda walked around in a strange dress/sneakers ensemble.

Brandi arrived making it very clear that she was annoyed with Lisa, but wasn’t going to engage in any sort of argument. Carlton had the same idea apparently. She let it be known that she hates Kyle’s guts, however she would keep her mouth shut for Yolanda’s family’s sake.

Ugh, these women are so freakin’ thoughtful.

Lisa commented that Brandi was being extra quiet, but for once, Brandi didn’t start a war. Then, Kyle bizarrely asked Brandi to give Carlton the matching ring to the necklace she gave Carlton at her pool party. Lisa pointed out that the ring didn’t actually match the necklace, which added more fuel to Brandi’s fire.

In typical combative Carlton fashion, she said that she couldn’t accept the gift. So much for a peace offering, right Kyle?

The following day, Lisa and Kyle went shopping at Kyle’s Beverly Hills store for some new threads for their upcoming Puerto Rico trip.

Shockingly (not really), Lisa pretended that everything was fine between her and Kyle.

Kyle tried to discuss the tension between them, but Lisa quickly let her know that she never will have another friend like her.

Ahhhhh Lisa, such a humble soul.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Mondays at 8pm on Bravo.