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Gnarly Davidson is not your Grammy's meme

Meme economy reports: now is the time to invest in Gnarly Davidson!!!

Is Gnarly Davidson the next big meme?

Early reports this morning are saying that Syd Weiler's beloved Trash Doves have been co-opted by the alt-right. When Nazis take something as innocent as a spastic floppy bird drawing from us, what can we do? Why do Nazis have to ruin everything pure and good?

But as the meme sun sets on Trash Doves, it rises for Gnarly Davidson, which is the name of Cee Lo Green's new alternate persona that appeared last night's Grammy Awards. Gnarly Davidson – a portmanteau of Gnarls Barkley and Harley-Davidson – looks like a cross between C3PO and Zordon from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, and he's already sneaking into memes everywhere.

Here are some early Gnarly Davidson memes; we guarantee these won't be the last you see of him.

Is Gnarly Davidson the next big meme? Early Google Trends reports have valued Gnarly Davidson slightly above Trash Doves, and while both are more popular than #SaltBae, neither seem anywhere close to "Howbow Dah." By the way, if you still haven't sold your #SaltBae stock, now is definitely the time.

Meme interest report from Google Trends

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While American Idol seems to have given up on hiring huge names (outside of JLo, of course) in order to focus on finding judges with good chemistry instead, NBC's The Voice is still very much star-obsessed.

Today the show announced that Pharrell Williams will be joining the main coaching panel for season 7. He'll be filling CeeLo Green's original spot, which is currently being kept warm by Usher.

While CeeLo previously confirmed that he won't be returning to the hit singing competition ever again, there's still no word on how long Pharrell's tenure will last, or if Usher will be back for future seasons.

Landing a star like Pharrell is a huge coup for The Voice, with the 40-year-old singer/producer/designer/everything-er currently at the peak of his career. He was behind two of the biggest songs of last year, "Get Lucky" and "Blurred Lines," and just landed his first No. 1 single with "Happy."

As someone who's been following Pharrell since his Neptunes days in the late '90s with Kelis and Clipse, it makes me feel hella old seeing a new generation of kids only just now discovering who he is for the first time.

This is it. The end of an era. Tonight is the last night that Cher graces our screen as a mentor. That is, unless they change the rules, which we all know is possible. Oh gosh, powers that be, if ever there was a time to change the rules, this is it! You've done it before when there was absolutely no need for it. There is a need now. This show needs Cher. America needs Cher. At some point we're going to have to deal with the elephant in the room that is CeeLo's recent questionable behavior, and wouldn't it be easier to do that when Cher and her wigs are there to absorb the awkwardness?

Speak of the devil - first up we have the jailbird himself, who has his two veterans, Jonny Gray and Shawn Smith, battling against one another. Really tempting the PTSD fates, huh, CeeLo? They're singing Tom Petty's "Refugee," a song that is very unfairly tailored to Jonny's voice over Shawn's. The actual performance is thankfully a bit more evenly matched than what I feared in rehearsals, but Jonny still seems to be the clear winner. Shawn is fun and has a unique voice, but Jonny has a cooler quality to both his voice and overall demeanor, and he ends up walking away the victor.

For Adam Levine's final performance, he is putting the mouth-trumpeting Barry Black versus the soulful cool dude Preston Pohl. These two are eerily similar, not only vocally, but also physically, so it's pretty easy to see why Adam put them against one another. Barry simply cannot let his mouth trumpet go, even though Adam advises against it and it comes off as super weird in the rendition of "I Wish It Would Rain." Preston's voice just has that crazy cool raspiness to it, and even though Barry is good, in comparison he kind of falls flat. Also the mouth horn thing is weird. Adam picks Preston to move on, which feels like the pretty obvious choice.

And then we get a quick montage featuring not one but TWO Blake battles. I'm sorry, are you telling me that someone in the editing room had the audacity to suggest that Cher's screen time be limited? This is blasphemy! Sacrilegious! Bananas! (Oh, for those keeping score - the ethereal Holly Henry beat an as of yet unseen Cilla Chan, country singer Brandon Chase beat out Emily Randolph, and from Team Cee Lo, Tamara Chauniece sent home Keaira LaShae)

Christina's final pairing puts country darling Olivia Henken against the effervescent Stephanie Anne Johnson. Ed Sheeran earns his keep this week by complimenting Stephanie for her wonderful blind audition. The two gals are singing "Done" by The Band Perry, which is solidly in Olivia's wheelhouse, but something tells me my girl Steph can bring it on this sassy track. The performance is super fun. It's a tough call, because Olivia is technically perfect on this (she's clearly belted this song a million times), while Stephanie maybe loses pitch once or twice, but she kills it in the performance and has a more interesting quality to her voice. Christina goes for technical success, and chooses Olivia. Before I have a chance to shed a tear and worry about how Stephanie's adorable grandma is going to take the news, CeeLo uses the final steal in the competition to save Steph.

Next week, it's the knockout rounds, where the contestants go head to head singing songs of their own choices. And this year, wouldn't ya know it, there's a new rule! Each coach gets one more steal! Someone steal Cher! Is that allowed? Ugh, I miss her already.

Stand Out Performance: Meh. This was another lackluster night. I guess I'll give it to the ladies singing "Done," but I think that might just be because I love that song, and was thrilled to see Stephanie's grandma again.

Coach MVP: It's close between Adam and CeeLo. Adam because he chose an interesting song and kept the right artist, and Cee Lo because he saved Stephanie. In the end, though, it's gotta be Adam. If nothing else, at least he didn't drug anyone (that we know of), right?

Last week reflected a low point in the storied history of "The Voice" battle rounds. Will tonight be any better? Let's take a look at who got through tonight's battles.

First up is Christina Aguilera, putting single dad Josh Logan against wannabe-Latino Michael Lynch. Josh Logan very unconvincingly lies that he is a big fan of Ed Sheeran's as he enters the studio. Nice try, Josh. They're singing Maroon 5's "Harder to Breathe," and both dudes are really struggling in rehearsals. This song is geared so much more toward Josh's voice that it feels a little like bullying during the actual performance. The coaches all act like it was an incredble battle. Am I watching the same performances? Last week everyone lost their minds the in what was the snooziest snooze of an hour, and now they're drooling over this massacre of a performance. I call shenanigans. Christina, at least, has the sense to pick Josh. I'll miss Michael's irish-latin flave, but it would have been nonsense to keep him over Josh.

Cee Lo Green is pitting George Horga Jr, the Romanian immigrant versus high school genius Juhi. They are singing Gavin DeGraw's "Best I Ever Had" and Juhi is immediately all about showing off her "style," which is apparently code for squeaking. At the start  of the battle, I surprisingly find myself digging Juhi's vocal. She's not over doing it with the weirdness, and she actually has a pretty cool voice. It also helps her that George misses a pretty significant note toward the top. We hit the bridge, and just when it seems clear that she's going to turn on the insufferable squeaky toy affectation, she manages to reign it in. It's still a little much for me, but it could have been a lot worse. In the grand scheme of teenagers adopting weird vocal ticks, this one offends me less than most. In a surprise twist, though, Cee Lo decides to choose the artist who is more committed, and keeps George. Aaand then Adam steals Juhi (which George excitedly celebrates from offstage, aw). Juhi may be trying a little hard, but something tells me she'll have legs in this competition. Smart steal from Adam.

YAY IT'S CHER'S TURN! I mean Blake's turn. Whatever. This round pits Brian Pounds, the former baseballer against Austin Jenckes, who dedicated his blind audition to his late father. They're singing "To Love Somebody." Blake may as well be ripping shots in the corner for as much good as he's doing in these coaching sessions. It's all about Cher and her no nonsense realness. Cher should run for office. Hilary and Cher! 2016! Who run the world? GIRLS! Oh right, the performance. Aw, guys! It's great! These two country boys are just adorable and charming and awesome. I think Austin might edge out Brian, but it's close. They're both technically incredible, but in terms of the x-factor, to borrow a term from a far inferior singing show, it's gotta be Austin. Blake agrees. Bye, Brian! You've got a perfect country singer name. You'll be fine.

Next up, it's the battle of the returning contestants, as Adam Levine puts James Irwin against Matt Cermanski. Ice cold, Adam. I dig it. They are going to be singing mentor Ryan Tedder's own "Counting Stars," and Mr. Tedder is earning that paycheck this week. I mean he's no Cher - let's not be ridiculous, but he definitely has more words of wisdom than we've heard from him before. The performance is cool. Maybe it's because these two have both been rejected by the show before, but this one really feels like a battle. There are definitely some problems from both sides, but the intensity that they both bring is weird and exciting and fun to watch. I feel like either one of these guys could move on, but it's James and his pretty eyes that win Adam over.

Next up we're back to Team Christina, with biker bar singer Destinee Quinn versus former model Lina Guadenzi. They're singing Dixie Chicks' "Not Ready To Make Nice," which is a song that makes me feel all the feels. Both the girls seem very nervous, and Christina does a really good of getting them out of their heads. And then, naturally, she pulls out a microphone from who knows where and literally sings the entire song because she's an addict and she can't help herself. I assume that Christina always has a wireless microphone tucked away in her pocket book, fully charged and always hot for just such an occassion. During the performance, Lina delivers a pretty incredible vocal performance, while Destinee makes quite a few technical missteps, but growls and capital-A Acts throughout. It's emotion versus talent, and Christina chooses emotion. Boo. Unwise choice, X-Tina! Thank goodness for Adam, who is not an idiot and steals the lovely Lina, who has a beautiful voice, and the unassuming charm that will hopefully translate to votes down the line.

The final battle of the night puts Team Adam's James Wolpert against Will Champlin. They're singing Imagine Dragons' Radioactive. It's hard to be invested in this battle, since the promos have already confirmed that whoever Adam doesn't choose is for sure getting stolen, but I'm rooting for James nonetheless. Will has ditched his distracting white glasses for this performance, but his neckerchief makes up the difference. James, meanwhile, is in a sweater and a tie and is all around ADORBZ. The two guys are very different vocally, but also pretty evenly matched as far as technical ability goes. Ultimately though, Adam chooses James, and Christina steals Will. Happy endings for all!

Tomorrow, the batthe rounds conclude!! It's all happening so fast! I'm not ready to say goodbye to Cher!

Stand Out Performance: There were some problems with Lina and Destinee's performance of "Not Ready To Make Nice," but it still gave me goosebumps, thanks to Lina's beautiful vocal.

Coach MVP: While I am tempted to give this to Cher again, I feel that I must reward Adam. The battles is usually the most exciting round, but this season the parirings have been seriously lacking. Big ups to Adam for picking songs and pairings that actually produced entertaining performances. Plus, his choice in winners, as well as his steals show that he hasn't forgotten that strategy in the early rounds is key.

The Biggest Loser featuring American Idol's Ruben Studdard is back which means we only have one hour to devote to night 2 of the battle rounds. If you think that the cut in time means that we are not going to spend the first 5 minutes recapping what happened last night, you are sorely mistaken.

Tonight's first battle is from Team Christina's Jacob Poole, a church-going rocker who did not get a lick of screen time,  and Matthew Schuler, who got plenty of screen time and the fastest four chair turn in history. Gee, I wonder which way this one is going to go!  They are singing "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)" by Fall Out Boy. Hmmmm interesting choice, Christina. The boys both do a swell job, but Matt clearly has the upper hand in the stage presence department. The coaches all rave about the battle, but it was only ok for me. To be fair, though, I have a deep and unexplainable crush on Patrick Stump, so it's possible I'm biased against anyone else. Matthew wins, to the shock of no one. Thnks Fr Th Mmrs, Jacob!

Next, we're heading to Team Cee Lo. It's the battle of the weird pants, as Kat Roubichaud, of the Beetle Juice leggings, and R. Anthony of the plaid skinny jeans, are taking on "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith. Affinity for patterned pants aside, these two seemingly have nothing in common vocally, so this is an interesting pairing from Cee Lo. During the performance, Kat is aggressively trying to channel Michelle Chamuel with her quirky dancing, but it lacks the authenticity that my sweet Michelle had. The whole performance, from both the singers, just feels a little... desperate, maybe? It's not my favorite. Kat is the weirder of the two, and Cee Lo loves a caricature, so she moves on.

Then we get a quick and dirty recap of battles that were apparently not exciting enough to get featured on air. From Cee Lo, Cole Vosbury beat out Lupe Carrol singing Toto's "Africa." E.G. Daily knocked out Sam Cerniglia in "Something to Talk About." Ashley Dubose crushed country singer Justin Chase's dreams singing the Blake/Christina duet "Just a Fool." Wow. All these duets, and the two up top were the ones interesting enough to make it to air? That does not bode well.

Finally, we have Team Blake's Monika Leigh going against swampy Ray Boudreaux are taking on "Some Kind of Wonderful" by Grand Funk. Cher is not here to make friends, as she sasses Ray and Monika into the performances she knows they are capable of. I don't even know who to root for, because they each get equally crushing comments from Cher, and the only thing I know for sure is that I definitely want to agree with Cher. Their performance is cute. They have good chemistry, and they both sound good on it, but again - just not blowing my socks off tonight! I think ultimately Ray was slightly stronger, but it could really go either way. Plus, it's hard to be invested when the previews have confirmed that whoever gets the boot will be stolen by someone by episode's end. Anyway, Ray wins, Monika is stolen by Cee Lo, and this whole thing was a bit of a snoozefest.

Next week: more battles! Will Adam ever steal? Will the performances keep me awake? Here's hoping!

Stand Out Performance: Um... can I abstain? No? Okay, let's give it to Ray's daughter for being really cute.

Coach MVP: Come on, guys. It's Cher's world. We're just living in it.


Welcome to "The Voice," where the rules are made up and the points don't matter. Tonight kicks off the Battle Rounds, when people stop being polite an start getting real. So, who came out on top?

First up is Team Adam's Grey vs. Nic Hawk. They are singing "Domino" by Jessie J. Ryan Tedder, lead singer of One Republic and producer of about a million other hits is serving as mentor.  Nic continues to be a complete ham, and so far it's charming and not annoying. It's a very fine line, but right now he's doing a good job of two-stepping right on top of it perfectly. During the duet, he's dancing like a maniac and it's amazing. Grey is probably technically better, but at the end of the day, I just don't care. All the judges are having so much fun, and that's thanks to Nic. Still, though, Adam chooses Grey. BORING. But then Blake steals! That is not what I expected!! If anyone was going to steal, I would have put money on Cee Lo (who, I might add, is sporting a tattoo-freehead, so for those who had money on henna, congrats!).

Next, Christina has paired up with Ed Sheeran for... some reason? She's pitting 17-year-old Amber Nicole , who did not get screen time, against 15-year-old Timyra Joi. Both teenagers do a medium-OK job of pretending like they have any idea who Ed Sheeran is. X-Tina has the two teenage divas singing "Listen" by Beyonce. OH GIRL. This is going to get SER.I.OUS. Christina, per usual, defers to her normal coaching style of showing her artists up with unwarranted belting. It's also worth noting that she, again, looks amazing  - there's a weird youthful glow to her to match her sunny disposition, so we can only assume she's been sucking the souls from happy toddlers for the last year. As for the song? I can't comment with any specificity because my hands were in the air for literally this entire performance. It was amazing. Christina is crying and she's not the only one. Amber wins, and in a devastating turn, no one steals Timyra. RIP.

Blake definitely has some dirt on someone because against all odds, he has managed to get Cher to serve as mentor for his team. He has country sweethearts Shelbie Z. and Justin Chain singing "Don't You Wanna Stay" by Jason Aldean and and Kelly Clarkson. Nice choice. Cher has some sweet notes for Justin like "Do you have some power you're not using? Find it and use it." Bad. Ass. She changes into her sassy red wig to keep things interesting for the final rehearsal, and then immediately goes full on fangirl about Adam. Get Cher on the panel, producers! I would die to watch Cher, Nic Hawk and Adam get stuck on a desert island, just so I count how many seconds it would take for Adam to be torn limb for limb. Justin kicks off this romantic duet with a little chin graze for Shelbie Z. Bold move! This is all pretty, but it's obvi Shelbie's to lose. And lose it she does not. So long, Justin!

Next up we're heading to Team Cee Lo and advisor Miguel, with 18-year-old show choir vet Anthony Paul (no screen time) versus 17-year-old Caroline Pennell. They are 18 and 17, but let's be honest, they look like 15 and 14. They are performing "As Long You Love Me" by Justin Bieber. This is the cutest pairing. They are both just babies. Anthony has done a good job of reigning in his crazy runs, and is very measured in this performance. Caroline is really good, but she's doing that annoying affectation nonsense that I tend to hate. Her voice is awesome, but the affectation is distracting for me. The fact that every young female artist on this show feels the need to channel this hip, twee, manipulated pronunciation is infuriating to me. Why is this a thing that all the teenagers are doing? Stop making me feel old, Voice contenstants! Anyway, everyone loses their mind over this duet, but ultimately Cee Lo chooses the overly affected Caroline. BUT THEN! It's a steal! Sweet show choir-er Anthony has a second chance thanks to X-Tina.

Next is Team Adam's Tessane Chin vs. Donna Allen. Well, this is terrible. Two stunning divas? I can't bear to lose one of them! If there isn't a steal at the end of this, I'm not sure if I'll be able to go on. In rehearsal, Tessane seems to be deferring to her back up singer tendencies and letting Donna lead, while Donna is maybe rocking out too hard. This is going to be devastating. The actual performance seems to be geared more in Tessane's favor - she gets all the big, show stopping notes, but Donna is killer as well. Again, if there are no steals, there is no justice. Of course, Adam chooses Tessane... I wait... No one steals. SAD FACE.

Finally, we are returning to Team Christina with Briana Cuoco vs Jacquie Lee. They're going to be performing The Animals' "House of the Rising Sun." X-Tina continues to serve as Head Mistress of the school of "I can do better than that," as she critiques only by belting from the backline. I find myself rooting for Jacquie, if only because she is the rare teenage singer who doesn't sound like she's  doing an impression of an impression of an impression of an impression of Bjork. But by the end... I don't know! This was pretty evenly matched. Luckily, it's the last performance of the night, so we know for sure that whoever doesn't get picked is getting stolen. Christina finally picks the 16-year-old Jacquie, and Blake and Cee Lo both quickly jump on their steal buttons. Despite Adam Levine and everyone else in the studio audience voicing the common sense sentiment that Briana belongs with Cee Lo, she decides to go Team Blake. Well, ok then.

Stand Out Performance: I don't know what Carson was thinking calling Briana vs. Jacquie "the most epic battle of the night." Did he fall asleep during that absolutely ridonkulous performance of "Listen?" I'm still recovering!

Coach MVP: I mean can there really be a contest when Cher is involved? Not only did she bring the heat with her wigs, but she aso managed to keep it real with the contestants while casually spitting game at Adam. Bow down, world.