Looks like all those Old Fashions have finally caught up with Mad Men's heartthrob/douchebag/take your pick, Don Draper.

TMZ is reporting that super-schlong extraordinaire, Jon Hamm checked himself into Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan, Connecticut at the end of February.

He emerged clean and sober after a 30-day rehab program for alcohol abuse.

Silver Hill is one of the top ten most expensive rehabs in the world—running in the region of $1,200 per day.

That means Hamm likely plunked down about $36,000 to straighten up and fly right, just in time for the premiere of the last season of Mad Men.

Silver Hill's other A-list former clients include Nick Nolte, Mariah Carey, Billy Joel, Liza Minnelli and Truman Capote!

Hamm's management released the following statement after news broke of the actor's stint in treatment,

With the support of his longtime partner Jennifer Westfeldt, Jon Hamm recently completed treatment for his struggle with alcohol addiction. They have asked for privacy and sensitivity going forward.

Train surfing has become a dangerous yet popular pursuit for many thrill seekers around the globe. It’s exactly what it sounds like, literally riding on top of a train as it zooms down the track at up to speeds of 60 plus miles per hour.

The urban sport has been documented by CNN in South Africa, and has been popularized by train surfers uploading video of their adventures onto YouTube—leading to the creation of an international community and world wide craze.

However, over the weekend, would-be dare devils and veterans alike, were reminded of the incredible dangers posed by the pursuit, after 21-year-old Ohio native, Brian McClellen was killed after bursting into flames while train surfing from Connecticut to New York City.

It’s believed the aspiring model, and skateboard enthusiast, struck an overhead electrical wire that was powering the train, injecting his body with 12,500 volts, electrocuting him, and putting the commuter train out of service.

McClellen’s burning body was discovered on top of the train in the early hours of Sunday morning, by transport workers in Greenwich, Connecticut—he had suffered 85% burns—McClellen was rushed to hospital, but sadly died just 24 hours later.

McClellen’s agent, Ryan Colby, said his client had moved to New York City a couple of years ago, to pursue his dream of making it big as an actor and model.

Via NY Daily News

A 22-year-old Connecticut man sexually assaulted his neighbor’s pit bull, and claimed ISIS terrorists made him do it.

"I thought my dog had killed somebody because I saw a man underneath her," the canine victim’s owner, Alice Woodruff, told WTNH about her initial reaction to finding her naked neighbor getting up close and personal with her dog, who was tied up in the yard.

"I started to scream. I had a citronella candle and I threw it at him, screaming 'Get off my dog, you have to get out of here.' He said, 'No, today is the day we are going to spend the rest of our lives together.'"

Woodruff quickly surmised the man was likely suffering from some form of mental illness—and that seemed to be further confirmed after he explained ISIS had ordered him to venture next door and rape the dog.

"He pranced through the yard naked, yelling 'This is our day and you have to prosper in it,'" Woodruff said. "'ISIS sent me,' and I was thinking 'Did something like this just land in my back yard?'"

Woodruff then ran inside her home, grabbed her gun, and returned to show the man that she had loaded a clip.

"He kept saying ‘this is the plan’, that we were going to die today in a massacre. He didn't seem to care that I had the gun, and I kept it down," Woodruff said. "Then I gave him a warning and shot the gun to the right into the dirt."

However, the man didn’t even balk as he stared down the barrel of his neighbor’s loaded shot gun.

“He put his arms out and started walking toward me, telling me to kill him, but to know that as soon as I kill him that we were going to die," Woodruff explained. "Honestly, the whole time I thought there was a bomb or gun and he was going to take it out and do a massacre."

Thankfully, police arrived on the scene in the nick of time and took the man to hospital for a mental health evaluation—he is facing charges of cruelty to an animal, sexual assault, and breach of the peace.