After a less than exciting month in K-pop, this week's chart is absolutely bursting with new hits.

YG Entertainment's Akdong Musician are at the top of the pile, debuting at No. 1 with "Time and Fallen Leaves." The calculated seasonal ballad is the fourth chart-topper of the duo's short career.

Gaeko's "No Makeup" with Zion.T and HA:TFELT follows at No. 2, while Girl's Day's special ballad single, "I Miss You" enters at No. 4.

Rounding out the top five is boy band VIXX with "Error," which becomes their highest-charting single to date.

Seo Taiji's "" debuts at No. 7, while his IU collaboration, "Sogyeokdong," is down to No. 11.

SECRET's Ji Eun arrives at No. 15 with her sassy new single "Pretty Age 25." Although she missed out on the top ten, the song has outperformed her last single, "Don't Look At Me Like That," which only reached No. 27.

Further down, SM Entertainment's new girl group Red Velvet debut at a so-so No. 33 with their new single, "Be Natural." It's a big drop from their first single, "Happiness," which hit No. 5 in August.

However, Red Velvet's performance is nowhere near as poor as Crayon Pop's new sub-unit Strawberry Milk, who debut at No. 93 with their J-pop-influenced single, "OK."

Check out this week's new K-pop singles below.

No. 1. Akdong Musician - Time and Fallen Leaves

No. 2. Gaeko - No Makeup featuring Zion.T and HA:TFELT

No. 4. Girl's Day - I Miss You

No. 5. VIXX - Error

No. 7. Seo Taiji -

No. 15. Ji Eun - Pretty Age 25

No. 33. Red Velvet - Be Natural

No. 93. Strawberry Milk - OK

The Korean entertainment industry has been at a standstill ever since the tragic Sewol ferry disaster, and it's reflected in the official K-pop charts. There's been little movement on the charts for weeks, with virtually all of the previously-scheduled new releases having been pushed back to unspecified dates in the future.

Akdong Musician's "200%" takes back the No. 1 spot after 15&'s "Can't Hide It" dethroned the teen duo last week. IU and HIGH4's "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms" moves one place to No. 2, followed by 15& in third place.

A Pink's "Mr. Chu" is back in the top five, climbing two spots to No. 4, while Soyou and Junggigo's "Some" hops three places to No. 12, and Orange Caramel's catchy "Catallena" moves to No. 13.

4minute's "Whatcha Doin' Today" is No. 30, Crayon Pop's "UH-EE!" is No. 31... That's about it. Sorry, but there's just not much to report this week!

Anyway, take a listen to this week's No. 1 below.

After debuting at No. 1 last week with "200%," YG Entertainment's AKMU slips one spot to make way for 15&'s "Can't Hide It," which takes the top spot this week.

Both AKMU and 15& are teen pop duos that got their start on the reality TV singing competition K-pop Star, so it's nice to see thing work out for the pairs as they trade places at the top of the charts.

Rookie boy band HIGH4 and their duet with IU, "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms," falls one spot to No. 3 this week, while Sihwan Park's "I Just Loved You" debuts at No. 4.

Trending girl group A Pink are showing a lot of longevity with their current hit "Mr. Chu," which is back up one spot to No. 6 this week, while Orange Caramel's "Catallena" bounces back five spots to No. 14.

Meanwhile, Crayon Pop's "UH-EE!" is at No. 25, while 4minute's former chart-topper "Whatcha Doin' Today?" is at No. 29.

Check out this week's No. 1 K-pop single below.

YG Entertainment's newest artist Akdong Musician (aka AKMU) explodes onto the charts this week with their first studio album Play. All 11 tracks from the album have debuted in the top twenty, with lead single "200%" taking the top spot at No. 1.

"200%" is actually the duo's third No. 1 to date, following "You're Attractive" and "Crescendo" which topped the charts back when AKMU were contestants on the reality TV competition K-pop Star, which is where they got discovered.

Squeezing in at No. 2 this week is rookie boy band HIGH4 with their first single "Not Spring, Love, Or Cherry Blossoms." The song features K-pop princess IU, which is definitely a large reason why it's done so well. Also, the fact that it's a seasonal tune tailored to spring certainly helps too.

A Pink's "Mr. Chu" is still going strong despite falling to No. 7, while Orange Caramel's "Catallena" finally budges from No. 6 where it's been stuck since it was release, slipping down to No. 19. (You can 'thank' AKMU for making "Catallena" fall so far!)

Crayon Pop's "UH-EE!" is down to No. 24, followed by 4minute's "Whatcha Doin' Today" at No. 25.

Meanwhile, Jay Park manages to scrape into the top thirty with his new single "Metronome," which debuts at No. 28. The song features Simon D, who is also co-CEO of Jay's new independent hip-hop label AOMG. "Metronome" is their first release through AOMG, so hopefully they're happy with how the song's done.

Further down, Eric Nam debuts at No. 57 with his single "Ooh Ooh" featuring INFINITE's Hoya. Some of you might recognize the Korean-American singer from his popular Youtube covers, but it looks like from now on you'll have to find him on the charts instead!

Check out this week's biggest new K-pop hits below.

No. 1. AKMU - 200%

No. 2. HIGH4 feat. IU - Not Spring, Love, Or Cherry Blossoms

No. 28. Jay Park feat. Simon D and Gray - Metronome

No. 57. Eric Nam feat. Hoya - Ooh Ooh

If you thought that quirky K-poppers Crayon Pop were a surprising choice to open Lady Gaga's ArtRave Tour, then just check out Mother Monster's latest opener: Virtual Japanese pop star Hatsune Miku.

Yes, virtual. Hatsune Miku isn't actually a real person; she's a synthesized singing application for computers, otherwise known as a vocaloid.

Despite not being flesh and bone, Hatsuni has managed to become a huge star over the years, inspiring her own video game series and chart-topping albums, starring in commercials for Toyota and Google, and holding 'live' concerts (as a singing hologram) everywhere from Singapore and Japan to L.A. and Paris.

As it stands, the ArtRave tour is turning into one hell of a K-pop and J-pop fan's musical wet dream. Makes me wish I'd actually brought a ticket to it now...

[Via @LadyGaga]

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With spring now in full bloom in Korea, idol bubblegum pop has taken a backseat on the charts to make way for ballads and acoustic K-indie ditties. This week's No. 1 single belongs to esteemed balladeer Park Hyo-shin and his new single "Wildflower," which entered at No. 2 last week. He pushes last week's chart-topper, rookie singer Bro's "That Kind of Man," down to No. 5.

Girl group A Pink debut at No. 2 with Mr. Chu, which becomes the highest-charting song of their three-year career. Their previous best was "NoNoNo," which peaked at No. 3 last year.

Orange Caramel's "Catallena" sits at No. 6 again, marking the fourth consecutive week that it's held the position.

A few spots down is Crayon Pop, who debut at a solid No. 10 with the addictive "UH-EE." The song (which sounds like The Vengaboys gone trot) has been criticized for not matching the success of their signature smash "Bar Bar Bar," but it's actually the group's second highest-charting song to date, so it's really not doing too bad by their standards.

4minute's "Whatcha Doin' Today" continues to slide, slipping down to No. 12 after initially debuting at No. 1 three weeks ago.

There's some good news for struggling K-diva NS Yoon-G, who scores the second top twenty entry of her career with the sexy "Yasisi" at No. 17. While Yoon-G still hasn't broken through with a proper hit song yet, she's been slowly but surely improving on the charts over the past five years.

Further down we've got Super Junior-M, who debut at No. 28 with "Swing." Considering that Super Junior have never fared too well with digital sales, a top thirty single from their subunit isn't too bad.

Check out this week's key K-pop hits below!

No. 1. Park Hyo-shin - Wildflower

No. 2. A Pink - Mr. Chu

No. 10. Crayon Pop - UH-EE!

No. 17. NS Yoon-G - Yasisi

No. 28. Super Junior-M - Swing