Danielle Bradbery has a fighter spirit. Having won Season 4 of NBC's blockbuster The Voice franchise, she entered country music well-equipped to weather a fickle industry. Months after being crowned, she released her self-titled debut record on Big Machine Label Group, resulting in a Top 15 radio single The Heart of Dixie. Now, years removed from the show, she's that much stronger, that much more determined and far more polished than ever before. This weekend, the singer is set to perform on ABC's Progressive Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular (airing 4-6 pm EST and 2-4 pm PST), with an outstanding pretaped performance. "I got to sing a couple of my songs while the performers did their figure skating or gymnastics, which was really cool for me to experience," she shares in an exclusive Popdust interview. "I’ve been a big fan of events like that, so it was amazing. Hopefully, I’ll get something like that again."

Her set list also includes Young in America (the clip of which has already been released, below), I Will Never Forget You and a cover of Katy Perry's Roar. While she's performed on countless stages all across the country, Bradbery admits she was still a bit nervous. "I was a little nervous. The whole thought of the performers doing their routine to my music was fun, and we kind of had to be on point with each other. I had so much fun getting to watch it all while I was singing."

With gymnasts tumbling and twirling around her, she powers through her songs with an easy confidence. But would she ever consider trying it out? "Honestly, I would love to! I actually tried gymnastics when I was about four years old. It didn’t last long, but I had so much fun with it. Trying it now would be...interesting. It’d be worth a try," she says. "I would try [figure skating], too! I’m a big fan. That’s my favorite thing to watch in the Olympics. It’s so cool what they can do on ice. It looks so effortless. It’s such an interesting sport."

The other performer for the upcoming event is pop singer Cody Simpson (see a clip of one of his performances below) "I was a big fan of his [after he performed]. We got to meet. It’s cool--how he’s 17 or 18 and as young as he is and as young as I am--to meet someone from the pop industry and together with country. It’s cool to see what they do. He was a really sweet guy and he’s so talented."

With her debut album in the rear-view mirror, she looks forward to her sophomore album. "I’m in the works of doing new music and getting things ready for the next step and the next album," she teases. "It’s looking really, really exciting. I keep putting little hints out and I think it’s driving them crazy (but in a good way)." One of those teasers arrived in December and showcased a much harder, edgier sound. But don't expect her entire new album to be that way. "It won’t be the whole thing. I have a couple songs that are going to be edgier. I love that kind of stuff. There’s going to be bits and pieces of different things throughout the album, which I think it’s going to be really interesting and something new. I’m really interested to see how people react and [I hope they] like it."

Fan can expect the lead single to "most likely" arrive by summer, but she plays rather coy about any specific timeline:

"We’re in the works of figuring out what’s coming out first and what’s going to be the order of everything. Most likely a single will come out...sooner or later."

Even though she didn't write any of her songs on her first record, she's been doing a ton of co-writing the past year with many of Nashville's finest tunesmiths, including Nathan Chapman (Sara Evans' Put My Heart Down"), Luke Laird (Eric Church's Give Me Back My Hometown, Carrie Underwood's Last Name) and Hillary Lindsey (Underwood's Two Black Cadillacs, Little Big Town's Girl Crush). Surprisingly, she's found the process rather "easy, in ways that are so interesting. I started co-writing and I think it’s so much fun. It gives me a different look on music and makes it more personal. I have become a big fan of it. I never really knew what it was like in the beginning. Now, I have hands on and I’m learning new things every time I get in a room with people. It’s unbelievable what you can get out of a write and what’s being talked about in the room. At the end of the day, you have a song."

Her songwriting is only a small part of how much Bradbery has evolved since her first LP. "Confidence is a big thing for me. I said this in the beginning: every time I perform onstage or perform in the studio by myself, my confidence has built up in so many ways. I learn something every day. Back to the writing, that’s been a huge new step for me in this process, just from that I feel like my look on everything and next album and ideas are so outside of the box now. There are things I wouldn’t have even thought of in the beginning. That’s just awesome. I can tell a lot of things have grown." Many singer-songwriters get incredibly personal in their writing, and she admits that she does have her limits when it comes to what to share. "I have a limit, but I like getting personal with fans. I feel it brings them in more. They’re like friends. They want to know things. I have no problem sharing that with them. They’ve been a huge help since the beginning. They deserve everything and what they want. The personal side of it is what is really cool about having them listening. I put a little bit of myself and my thoughts into my songs now."

Bradbery is set to join several dates on Miranda Lambert's new Certified Platinum Tour, something she's "really excited" about taking part in. "We haven’t worked up the set list yet," she says. "But I’m really excited to see how that’s going to go. Being on tour with Miranda, especially having that connection with Blake [Shelton], it’s family. I can’t wait."

On what the future holds for her this year, she has huge things on the horizon. "We’re in the works of getting some stuff lined up for other tours. There’s a lot of exciting things coming up. I’m even going to be surprised on things. I think there’s going to be secrets out. These new tours (we may work up) are going to be really exciting."

Of course, even in the spotlight, college is always a possibility for someone her age. "Obviously, college is so important. I've thought about going. But I think we’ll see. Maybe it’ll happen. Hopefully, we’ll get the time to squeeze something in, which would be really awesome...and helpful. I don’t know what I’d study. I’ve thought about that, too, and haven’t made up my mind yet. I love animals. So, something in that would be cool to study. My sister was a vet tech, and I think she’s studying it, too."

Despite garnering wide attention with her music, her follow-up single to The Heart of Dixie failed to gain traction at radio, an inescapable problem for new solo females. "I think a lot of artists (whether male or female) have their difficulties in the industry. Maybe their direction isn’t good for them and there are things they have to figure out, including me. I don’t necessarily think it’s a difficult industry because I’m a female. I’ve heard a lot of it being hard and the males having it easy. But my plan now is just to come out with the stuff that I love and going into it headstrong and better than in the beginning. I feel it’s more about the confidence in yourself, and that’s what I’m focusing on and walking into a room with my head up and saying ‘this is my music and this is what I have.’"

Looking back, what is her favorite moment of her career so far? "There are a lot of moments that have been breathtaking. One of them has been all these award shows I get to go to. I never knew what the behind-the-scenes looked like. Being there and doing an interview on the red carpet and seeing who is around you, I have to inch myself like five times."

Coming from such a high-profile TV show, Bradbery has amassed a loyal following, which she admits can be overwhelming sometimes. "It’s never a bad way, though," she corrects. "It’s amazing how these people support so much. They’re the ones that make everything possible. They’re the ones that got me here. There’s so much to be thankful about and seeing what fans say to me on social media, it’s unbelievable."

Don't forget to tune into ABC's Progressive Skating & Gymnastics Spectactular on Saturday, Feb. 7 at 4-6 pm EST or 2-4 pm PST.

[PHOTO CREDIT: Brittany Evans]

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When Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons were knocked out of the competition on the same night, I thought I wouldn't be able to make myself care about the outcome of this show. And yet, here I am, nervously chewing on a straw and tapping my foot, feeling nerves as if my entire life is riding on the outcome. Oh, reality TV, you cut to the core of me.

We've got two hours ahead of us, so these nerves aren't going anywhere soon. Tonight will be full of performances from every artist who didn't already have plans tonight, from Pitbull to Cher. Before we can get to that, for one last time, Carson throws it to the recap footage from last night's performance finale.

After that ever-so-necessary review, we're starting the night off with our very own Christina Aguilera, who is performing "Feel This Moment" with Pitbull. Pitbull is hilarious to everyone, right? That's not just me? I can't get enough. Someone get him a book deal, stat. Anyway, this is a fun performance. All sorts of confetti shoots out at the end. I would hate to be one of the interns who has to collect that confetti and shove it back into where ever it shot out of so they can reuse it when we announce a winner in an hour and 40 minutes.

Coach talk! Everyone is proud of everyone. Today is Blake's birthday. FILLER!

The Swon Brothers have invited Holly Tucker, Justin Rivers and Amber Carrington to join them to sing Lady Antebellum's "Stars Tonight." Everyone gets a moment to shine, and it's one big country party. Cute. Cute enough to make me forget the time Justin Rivers decided to sing a Miley Cyrus inspirational anthem for his knockout? Not quite.

And now we're getting a feature on the faltering bromance between Blake and Adam, due to the introduction of international sex symbol Usher. It's a good thing this show is two hours, would hate to miss out on this!

Michelle Chamuel is joining up with "One Republic" to sing their song "Counting Stars." I have a feeling this is the kind of thing Michelle might be doing, so it's great to see her up there doing her thang and having fun and proving what a capable performer she is. Have I mentioned I'm Team Michelle?

It's been a few minutes since we've recapped anything, and Carson is starting to sweat. Thankfully he's got a package showing Usher's bizarre/hilarious/adorable coaching methods, just in case we forgot. And then, of course, there's the requisite parody video of Blake using Shake Weights and chopsticks and other nonsense. Still have an hour and a half to kill, guys!

Country duo Florida Georgia Line is singing "Cruise," featuring Nelly. Unlike "Accidental Racist," this is a country/rap hybrid I can get behind. It's fun and a little silly, and it's been played to death, but I'm an easy sell. Sue me.

Vedo, Kris Thomas, Josiah Hawley and Garrett Gardner are performing "Ain't Too Proud To Beg." Four dudes behind microphones stepping from side to side in unison. What's not to like? Also notable: Holly Tucker on saxophone. Precious.

Danielle Bradbery has invited Amber Carrington, Sarah Simmons and Caroline Glaser to sing Carrie Underwood's "American Girl" with her. All right. I know I was giving Danielle's stage presence the poo poo last night, but this is great, and she's great in it. Surrounded by her buddies, Danielle manages to look like she's actually having fun for the first time in a while.

After some uninteresting bonus footage from this season's confessionals, Bruno Mars is here to sing his song "Treasure." I would give just about anything to have his dancing band escort me throughout life.

For The Swon Brothers' celebrity duet, they're joining up with Bob Seger. Well, that's pretty cool. They're singing "Night Moves," and all three guys are on guitar, and you can tell the brothers are loving this. Bob Seger is still awesome.

Another useless package. English is Shakira's second language, but she managed to use big words! INSANITY!

Judith Hill, Sasha Allen, Karina Iglesias, and Kathia are back to sing "Never Gonna Get It" by En Vogue. Doesn't seem like as much effort was put into this one... it's fun enough, but nothing to write home about. Sorry, ladies! Thanks for the memories!

Product integration! All four finalists get new cars, courtesy of Kia. Not a bad deal.

Danielle's celebrity duet is with country heart throb Hunter Hayes, who she loves, naturally. They sing "I Want Crazy," and again, she looks like she's having a lot more fun than she has in previous performances. I'm sure it helps that she undoubtedly has a massive crush on the adorable, teeny tiny Hunter.

Michelle is singing "We Can Work It Out" with fellow Team Usher singers Vedo, Josiah and Kathia. As with all the bring back performances, it's sweet and fun. Bonus: Usher sings along from his seat and they are all wearing red shoes. Cu-ute.

Final confessional for people to talk about what winning would mean. Surprise! They all want it! '

OH MAN. Cher is here, and she's gorgeous. She is 67, she's wearing pleather and she looks like this:

What vitamins are you taking, Cher? Do you suck the souls of children like the witches in Hocus Pocus? You can tell me, Cher. This is a safe space. Anyway, her new single is "Woman's World," and it's amazing and gorgeous and perfect and if anyone doubted that it would be they're crazy.

This is it! The contestants love their coaches! We know! Get the results going already, Carson! First up, the artist in third place is... The Swon Brothers. Okay. That was expected. Down to Danielle and Michelle. I'M SO NERVOUS. The winner of Season 4 of "The Voice" is.... Danielle Bradbery. Well, fine. I can't say I'm surprised, and I can't say she doesn't deserve it. She's speechless and thrilled, Michelle and Usher both look fine and like they were ready for this, and Blake claims his threepeat victory.

Well, that's it, guys! It's all over! While I am of course slightly disappointed to have missed out on Usher crying his way through Michelle's victory, this has been a really fun season, and I've loved seeing it through with you.

This is it, ya'll. Tonight our three finalists will take the stage and vie for America's votes for the last time. It's Blake versus Usher. Country versus pop. Good versus evil. Okay, maybe not that last one. Before we get into contestant performances, Carson reminds us who are three finalists are with yet another a trip down memory lane.

Kicking things off we have all four coaches performing "With a Little Help From My Friends." Shakira has her lion mane hair and thigh high sparkly boots, and she is hip thrusting her way through the whole song, and boy am I going to miss her next season. Adam sounds so great on this. It's a fun, sweet performance, with lots of lovey moments between the coaches. These four have such great energy. Never leave, Usher and Shakira!

After checking in with the coaches (lots of time to kill tonight), The Swon Brothers are ready to take the stage. Changing it up from their usual country, bluegrassy style, they're performing "I Can't Tell You Why" by The Eagles. It's a simple performance, and they do a nice job with it. It's cool to hear them hitting those falsetto notes, and it's a nice change of pace, but given how subdued this song is, it's not quite the rallying battle cry I was expecting. Still, they sounded great on it, and the judges are all on board. Shakira has a "Go Okies" flag, which is adorable.

Since there are only three performers and two hours to kill, we're also going to be reprising "defining moment" performances. Michelle Chamuel is up, and after some kind words from her coach/BFF Usher, she takes the stage to perform Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble." It's great. She's great, and this song was just as enjoyable as the first time around. Even better is watching Usher jam out. His straight up obsession of Michelle gives me the warm and fuzzies big time. How do we get these two to star in a buddy cop movie? At the very least they should be a team on "The Amazing Race," right?

Blake has brought Danielle Bradbery's family out to LA to talk about how great she is, and how long she's been dreaming of being on this show.... this show that's only existed for two years. Although, to be fair, two years is 1/8th of Danielle's life, so it's not nothing. She and Blake are singing "Timber, I'm Falling In Love" by Patty Loveless. Okay. This is adorable, and Danielle and Blake sound great together, but it's also just a little bit creepy to see 36-year-old Blake Shelton looking at 16-year-old Danielle Bradbery with googly eyes as he sings "I'm falling in love." Sorry! But if you can let yourself forget that, it's pretty darn cute.

Next up it's The Swon Brothers' turn to sing their breakout moment song. Blake has chosen "Danny's Song" for them. This was a great song, but it was also just last week, and despite what Carson might think, I think most viewers have a memory span that lasts a little longer than that. It's fun to see songs that were successful, but I'd much rather revisit something a little earlier on in the show, especially because the confidence in these two has grown so much since those first few weeks. Still, they do this song just as well as they did last week, even though it's slightly more boring for me this time around.

While I normally am annoyed at the season long recap, my heart is too full of Michelle and Usher: Best Friends Forever fan fiction to be upset about reliving their budding friendship. Tonight, Michelle is singing Annie Lennox's "Why." She starts the song singing into a mirror. Boy oh boy, Michelle Chamuel loves her some mirror singing, right? Except wait! Plot twist! It's a TV playing back, so she's able to turn away from it. Despite that ridiculously cheesy opening, this is a fantastic performance. This song sits so perfectly in her range, and even though this is a pretty sad song, when she gets to the line "you don't know what I feel," she can't contain her smile, and it's a really gorgeous, very real reaction to where she is and what she's doing. Very sweet. I am rooting for her so hard. Also, in line with Shakira being a fan girl for the evening, she's sporting some Michelle Chamuel glasses for the performance. Love her.

It's the Swon family's turn to meet Mr. Shelton.  Mom and Pop Swon are very sweet and supportive, and exactly what you would expect them to be. Blake is joining the brothers to perform Brad Paisley's "Celebrity." Oh jeez. What a weird choice. Is this supposed to be meta? It's a silly song with silly lyrics, and vocally it's not anything special either. It's fun to see the three dudes jamming out, but this is pretty far from a mind blowing performance. Plus the awkward country-ified club dancing happening behind them was just plain weird.

For Danielle Bradbery's defining moment performance, Blake is having her sing "Maybe It Was Memphis." She's on a foggy, foggy stage, and while she sounds great - just as great as she did the first time around, I didn't connect with it as much as I did before. Danielle has a gorgeous voice, but I think she has a little growing to do in the stage presence department. At one point, she's up on a platform while the lead guitarist does his solo, and instead of engaging with him at all, she just sort of slouches and half heartedly claps her hands. She almost looks bored. Again, vocally? Rocking. But the performance on the whole leaves something to be desired for me. Noteworthy, though, is Shakira wearing a cowboy hat in support. Killing it.

Now for a group performance from our finalists. They're singing "Home" by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, and there is footage from the season playing behind them, which is cute. About halfway through they are joined by the dismissed artists from the Top 16, and it's a giant love fest on a very love fest-y song, and it was a sweet, nostalgic wrap up to the season.

Oh god, guys. It's time for the Usher/Michelle duet. This might make my heart explode. First, though, Usher is having brunch with Michelle's family. He tells her that she's helped him grow as much as he's helped her, and then says that there are going to be many more meals shared by them in the future. UGH GUYS! They're singing U2's "One." I mean. What is there to say? I think at this point it's become pretty clear where my allegiance lies, and this performance illustrates exactly why. These two are such a match made in heaven. They sound great together, and their mutual adoration and excitement is contagious. I could watch these two drop into Michelle's famous crouch stance forever and ever. Perfect.

Danielle Bradbery has the final slot, because the powers that be clearly want her to take this. I am holding out hope for my girl, Michelle, though. After her retrospective, she takes the stage to sing "Born to Fly," by Sara Evans. This is such a smart song choice. Danielle hasn't done anything upbeat, and this song is just so downloadable. She does a great job, but again, I just don't think she has much stage presence. Vocally she nails it, and I guess that's what it's about on a show called "The Voice," but I just wish she was able to connect to the material a little more. Blake is a proud papa, and he mentions again how she is so important to music, which is a sentiment I don't quite understand. She's super talented, but she's not doing anything to change the landscape of country music as we know it, right? It's possible I have blinders on thanks to Michelle, though.

So! Tomorrow! The winner will be decided! All I want is to watch Usher react to Michelle winning. Danielle and The Swon Brothers are both super talented, but nothing is going to be as satisfying as watching Usher lose his mind over Michelle. I need it. America needs it.

Stand out performance: Can you guess? Try and guess. Did you guess that I loved watching Usher and Michelle be the bestest friends in the whole wide world? You guessed right.

Coach MVP: Just in the interest of not being predictable, I'm giving this to Shakira for sporting her fan gear for each finalist. Very sweet. Next season will not be the same without her. (Nor will it be the same without Usher. URSHER!)

Well, here we are. The last results show before the finale. What a long, strange journey it's been.

Naturally, we start the night off with a recap, for that apparently huge number of people who skip the better half of the show and only tune in for the results show. Everyone had at least one great number last night, no coach wants their person (in Blake's case, persons) to go home, it's all what we've come to expect to hear on Tuesday nights.

To kick off the night, Fall Out Boy is here to perform their new single "'My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)." Is it just me, or is that the worst song title in the history of the world? Just call it "Light Em Up!" Come on, FOB. Michelle Chamuel is helping out with some back up vocals, and she looks and sounds like a natural up there, of course. Despite it's abysmal title, this is a really fun, catchy track.

Last year's finalist Nicholas David is here to perform his single, "Say Goodbye." He's rocking some serious Bon Iver energy on this. His voice is still awesome, and I still totally dig his weirdo energy.

Confessional time! Everyone makes fun of Usher for calling himself Ursher, wearing shades, and being a great dancer; Adam for having a lot of tattoos; Blake for laughing like Santa and having an accent; and Shakira for having truthful hips and a banging body. Also of note:

It's time to find out the first person to make it through to the finale. EEK! Carson allows for the standard lengthy pause before announcing it to be Michelle Chamuel! No surprise there, especially not from coach Usher, who's sitting all cool and comfy in  his big red chair.

Tonight is the night of Season 3 finalists, and now it's Tony Lucca's turn to take the stage. His single is "Never Gonna Let You Go," and it's good! It's a little country/rock/folk hybrid, and he's rocking the guitar, and I'm totally on board. Good for him! We also learn that Tony is signed to Adam's label, and that he's going to be joining Maroon 5 for some dates on their tour. Awww. I love hearing about coaches continuing to play a role in the artist's lives/careers.

All five finalists are performing Poison's "Every Rose Has Its Thorn." The Swon Brothers are playing their guitars, and that plus the stage picture gives them a pretty solid showcase in this number. Everyone has red microphones and there is red lighting, and it should be cheesy, but this song is just too good to ever not be delightful.

Time to fill the second of three spots in the finale. From Team Blake... Danielle Bradbery, another unsurprising choice. Man, this last spot really could go to anyone. I don't even know who I'm rooting for at this point, but that doesn't stop it from being any less nerve wracking.

The last of our Season 3 finalists to perform is Terry McDermott. His single, "Pictures," has already hit #1 on the iTunes rock chart. Well, well, well. Terry and his terrible haircut aren't doing too badly for themselves, are they? It's a fun, kind of Coldplay meets U2-type song, and Terry is just as charming and as vocally perfect as ever.

OH GOSH GUYS! This is it! Only one spot remains. The remaining contestants each take a quick moment to thank their coaches, and now it's time for business. The final act moving into the finale is... THE SWON BROTHERS! Wow. So Sasha Allen and Amber Carrington are heading home. Adam Levine and Shakira are going into the finale without an artist, Usher and Michelle Chamuel will face off against Blake Shelton and Danielle Bradbery and The Swon Brothers. If I were a betting lady, I think I would have put my money on Sasha Allen taking the third spot in the finale, but I can't say I'm disappointed to see the brothers moving forward, especially not after their great performances last night.

So! What do you guys think? Can Michelle keep her hot streak going and take it to the end? Will Danielle Bradbery turn out another "amazeballs" performance? Could The Swon Brothers be the first duo to win The Voice? It's all going down next week. See you there!

Sorry, you two.

Final five! Tonight, all the artists are singing twice, plus footage from their trips to their hometowns. But first, Usher is going to straight up embarrass everyone by performing the hell out of his latest single, "Twisted." I'm glad he's sweating during this performance, it serves as the tiniest reminder that despite all the evidence against it, he might be an actual human being after all. The dancing! The suit! The back-up dancers! The back-up dancer's suits! You guys!

After that, The Swon Brothers are taking the stage. All the artists are delivering dedications before one of their songs tonight, and The Swon Brothers are dedicating their performance of "Turn The Page" by Bob Seger. This is a change of pace for the boys, and it really works. They have a rocky edge, and Zach really killed it on the big notes. Plus, in a season that has leaned a little too heavily on set design, it was nice to see them just up there with the band, a setting that seems much more comfortable and natural for them.

Next up, Shakira's own Sasha Allen is dedicating "I Will Always Love You" to her kids. Oh boy. Whitney Houston is a bold choice, even for a singer as capable as Sasha. She takes the stage and... remember in that last paragraph when I talked about set design? Well, their break during The Swon Brothers has only made them stronger. She's wearing a flowy white dress, there's smoke everywhere, there's a harpist, and a whole mess of violinists lurking in the shadows. Oh and there's a fan, obviously. Sasha is singing well, but it seriously looks like a community theater production put on by a director who recently won the lottery. So over the top. All the judges loved it, but I have to say it wasn't my favorite. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I say Sasha's lucky to have another song tonight.

Michelle Chamuel is from Amherst, Massachusetts, and she seems to have really great family and friends there. Her friends toast her with a bottle of champagne which is covered in duct tape to hide the brand, but I know an Andre bottle when I see one. Get it, girl. She also gets to sing "God Bless America" at Fenway Park, which I imagine felt pretty cool. She's singing "Clarity" by Zedd, and the production people seem to have taken a break, as she's alone on stage, so I imagine the next performance will feature some sort of live animal or circus act. I'm not super familiar with this song, so I'm not sure if she changed it up very much, but she sounds really great on it. It's emotional, but quick and upbeat, which is an energy that Michelle seems to live very comfortably in. Adam and Blake both admit that despite her being not on their team, they can't help but love her. Usher is, of course, a proud papa.

Now it's Danielle Bradbery's turn to go home to Houston, Texas. She sings some Taylor Swift for her classmates, and the national anthem at the Astros game, which makes her mom cry. Cute. She' singing "Please Remember Me" by Tim McGraw. This isn't the most exciting choice for her, but she sings it beautifully. It's a song that requires a lot of patience from the singer, and Danielle has always been a performer who is comfortable taking her time and sitting on a note, which works great for this song. Usher calls it "amazeballs," somehow making me love him even more.

Amber Carrington is dedicating Katy Perry's "Firework" to her best friends back home. This is a really hard song, and she seems to be a little off pitch at the top. By the end she seems to have corrected herself, and she sounds pretty good, but this was definitely not her best performance. Amber has been someone who has always had really spot on pitch and great control, so seeing her falter on this, even ever so subtly, really stood out for me. Adam says that she did well, and he likes that she can tackle different styles, but I get the sense that even he wasn't thrilled with how that went. Let's hope she has something big for song number two.

The Swon Brothers are heading back to Muskogee, Oklahoma to see their family. They visit the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame - Blake Shelton won the Rising Star award in 2003, and now they're being awarded it. That's adorable. They also put on a real concert to a packed venue, so I'm thinking maybe these brothers are going to be just fine no matter what happens. They're singing "Danny's Song" by Kenny Loggins. Great song. Zach's on piano, and this is just lovely. Zach is singing lead, as usual, and he sounds great, but these fellas are seriously locked in with each other when they're doing harmonies, and those are the parts that make this song particularly great. If this is the Swon brother's swan song (sorry), it's a good one to go out on.

Sasha went back to New York to visit her family. Her son isn't there for some reason I didn't quite catch, but her daughter is, and she's adorable. Sasha's singing Donna Summer's "Bad Girls," and we are going straight to the 70s with this number. Sasha is dancing up a storm, all the while maintaining the vocals. It's a lot of fun to watch, and it's nice to see Sasha doing a number where she seems to be enjoying herself.

Danielle is dedicating "Who I Am" by Jessica Andrews to her family. She's performing against a digital scrapbook backdrop featuring actual childhood photos of her. It's incredibly cheesy, and initially turned me off to the performance, despite her beautiful voice. But then she leaves the scrapbook, and there are lights on her family, and when she sings the line "my momma's still my biggest fan" her mom puts her hands to her face and is crying and I'm not made of stone, okay? It's a beautiful performance vocally, and crying moms will never not get me.

Amber is in Rockwall, Texas. Her little sister is very articulate and adorable, and Amber seems to have a pretty great family/friend situation. She's singing Maroon 5's "Sad." Aw. Coach love! Man. This is beautiful. I have a sad feeling that Amber might be going home tomorrow, and it's really a shame. She's so talented, and this is one of her best performances, in my opinion. It's simple, it's subtle, it's technically perfect. Adam seems to be genuinely touched by her performance, and it's nice to see him so proud of her, even more so because it's his song.

Closing out the night is Michelle Chamuel, who is dedicating her song to Usher. OH GOD. This is going to make me cry. She's singing "Time After Time." She says Usher has become family to her, and I'm already feeling so many emotions. The performance is great. She sounds beautiful, she looks beautiful, at one point they cut to Usher and he's singing along and it's just a magical moment. Usher says she is "medicine for the whole world," and that might have killed me. Usher + Michelle 4 LYF.

Tomorrow, the two artists with the fewest votes will go home. It's going to be so sad.

Stand out performance: I am genuinely torn on this one. Michelle made me feel the most in "Time After Time," but Amber was technically gorgeous in "Sad," and The Swon Brother's were just darling and lovely in "Danny's Song." I abstain. This is getting too hard!

Coach MVP: Do you have to ask? "Medicine for the whole world." How can anyone compete with such an adorable sentiment? They can't. Usher wins.


Tonight, six becomes five as the lowest vote getter is sent packing. Will Blake be knocked down a peg, or will one of our coaches be left with an empty nest? Let's find out!

Before we get to the results, last year's winner Cassadee Pope is here to perform her first single, "Wasting All These Tears." It's got a serious Avril Lavigne vibe, which is no surprise given her persona from last season. It's a fine performance, but Cassadee was never really my cup of tea. Apparently I'm on my own, though, because the song is already topping the country charts since its release this morning. Country? Really? Blake Shelton must really have a hand on her career, because I would never classify that as a country song, even despite her gig opening for Rascal Flatts.

Tonight is Sasha Allen's birthday, and she's taking the stage with Michelle Chamuel to sing "Open Your Heart," by Madonna.  It's fine. These two have such powerful voices, and while I love Madonna as much as the next person, this isn't really the jam to show off these divas.

The first person to make it through to the semi-finals is Michelle Chamuel. Taking the number one spot two times in a row, huh? Not too shabby. Usher is much less surprised this week than he was last week, though he still looks thrilled, natch.

After making fun of him for being wasted during every taping, Carson introduces a video package of Team Blake + Michelle Chamuel's trip to Oklahoma to help out with relief efforts and to perform in his benefit concert. A serious intro for a serious subject. Thanks, Carson.

Next save goes to Sasha Allen. Shakira yells "happy birthday" as Sasha exits the stage. Awww. But guys. What if Adam loses his only contestant? Will Los Angeles still be standing tomorrow? I'm getting worried.

Holly Tucker is joining The Swon Brothers to perform "Leave the Pieces" by The Wreckers. Aw, I love this song. Zach is playing guitar, so it sort of feels like he's the band supporting a duet between Colton and Holly, which is a little awkward, but they still do a good job. I can't help but think this might have been a better song for The Swon Brothers than that crazy Okie gem from last night, no matter how adorable it was.

Next save is... Danielle Bradbery. Adam is starting to look scary.

Amber Carrington and Danielle Bradbery are performing The Bangles' "Eternal Flame." Woof. Love this song, do not love this duet. They both have good voices, but they have absolutely zero chemistry, to the point where it's just plain uncomfy to watch. Better luck next time, ladies.

Adam looks like he's about to pop an aneurysm as we go into our next save. America has chosen to keep... Amber Carrington! Oh thank god.

After the break, it's time to figure out whether The Swon Brothers or Holly Tucker is going home. Everyone seems grateful and like they were prepared for this outcome. Blake says some kind words, and then after the longest pause in all the world, Carson announces that The Swon Brothers are safe. Hooray! Holly is lovely, but I agree with this choice. Next week, it's the semi-finals! Allegedly. I am still fervently unwilling to trust anything Carson says when it comes to process. See you then!