dean mcdermott tori spelling hot Yes DeanMcDermott We Get It—ToriSpelling's The Hottest Wife Ever..Yawn

Can someone please let that Dean McDermott dude know, that yes, we get it, we are all aware that he thinks Tori Spelling is the hottest wife ever.

Because, at this point it’s starting to feel like the gentleman doth protest too much—as, McDermott appears to feel the need to reiterate how smokin’ hot he thinks his wife is, at each and every press opportunity he’s afforded.

True Tori Finale—’I’m Watching This Trainwreck And It’s My Life.’

As if getting a truly horrific and creepy, utterly humungous tattoo of your wife—busting out with her very best “come hither” look while clad in only a black bra— inked over your entire inner forearm; in addition to her name tattooed directly above your cock; and, just for added good measure, your wedding vows tattooed all over your goddamn rib cage—and, oh shit son, that’s gotta really hurt—isn’t enough already to prove your undying devotion and bottomless well of love for her.


Just try keeping your Tori tattooed dick in your pants, that should let her, and the entire world, know what your true feelings are when it comes to the mother of your four children—after all, they do say that actions speak louder than [tattooed] words….

True Tori Recap—Sorry Dean, No Girlfriends For You!

Anyway, we digress.

McDermott was keeping strictly to script at the weekend, when he and Tori ran the press gauntlet, as they walked the red carpet at David Tutera's 50th Birthday Party in Los Angeles on Friday.

Here’s what McDermott told ET

[Tori’s] amazing. She's stunningly hot. I’m the luckiest guy in the world. I have a super-hot wife.

Yep, stunningly hot…..super hot, no less…. We get it dude, we get it.

However, just to hammer the point home yet further, McDermott turned to Spelling and shared this testament to his love:

Our relationship is in the best place it's ever been. I was just thinking about it in the car ride over here, about how grateful I am and how filled with gratitude I am that we're still together, and my life is wonderful. I have these wonderful babies with you. I have this wonderful life with you. I'm so grateful and happy.

Awwwww!!! It’s [almost] enough to warm the cockles of even our shriveled, cold, cold hearts…

Not surprisingly, given this fucked-up dysfunctional couple's standard M.O. Spelling was quick to reciprocate.

Tori gushed:

For me, [I'm most proud of] the growth [of our relationship]. It just gets better, and I think when you go into a relationship, at least for me, you have all these fairy tale expectations. What it should be or shouldn't be, where it's going to go and where it's going to plateau. You get to that point where [it's like], 'Wow, this is amazing' on a different level of what I ever expected.

In our relationship, we've definitely had to, not start over, but rebirth the relationship as something that was new and kind of moving on towards the future. By doing that, we've had this great, amazing rebirth of our relationship, and it's more exciting each day.

Now, not to be cynical here, but, as anybody who watched even just five minutes of True Tori knows only too well, when it comes to love, this relationship is way more the poster child for abortion than for rebirth.

But, hey, that’s Hollywood for you folks.

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As anyone who watched True Tori is only too aware, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have been going through a tough patch recently when it comes to their nearly 9-year long marriage.

However, according to an eyewitness, who spotted the reality TV couple last night at the OK Magazine Pre-Oscar Event at The Argyle, Hollywood, things look to be firmly back on the right track for the two—well, at least for now....

"Tori and Dean were all over each other, they looked like newlyweds rather than a struggling couple," the partygoer tells Popdust exclusively.

"If they were faking it then they are both better at acting than I ever imagined. Dean was super attentive to Tori all night and they were being affectionate with each other, with lots of hand holding, kissing and cuddling.

"There were a bunch of hot chicks at the party but Dean's eyes were firmly on Tori, and only Tori, he had his arm around her all night and appeared to be completely focused on her, and she looked really, really happy and relaxed—it was sweet!"

As Popdust previously reported, Spelling and McDermott's marriage appeared to be at breaking point when cameras stopped rolling at the end of their reality show last season.

The couple was fighting non-stop, attempting to (unsuccessfully) battle it out during marriage therapy sessions, and were even throwing the D word around.

So, were the marriage woes faked for the sake of ratings—or, were they faking love for the public last night—or, are they truly back on track and in love once again?

Who knows really? This is Tori and Dean for Christ's sake!!!!

Meanwhile, whatever happens to the couple, it's likely we won't see it play out in front of the cameras—not on their reality show anyway.

McDermott announced late last year that he would not be returning for another season of True Tori—even though Spelling insists the show WILL go on, even without her husband!

"For me, you know, it's True Tori. I have a lot more to tell," Spelling told Meredith Viera in November. "I have four children, I'm a mom, I'm a woman, and I want to go on."

Check out Popdust's gallery of photos of the other celebrities partying it up at the OK Magazine Pre-Oscar Event at The Argyle Hollywood, below:

As we all get ready to settle in for in for a long winter’s nap, Tori and Dean just settle deeper into their crappy marriage on True Tori.

Tori comes home from her girls weekend with a baby pig. Because naturally, when you get in a fight with your husband, you buy a 5 day old pig. The pig is a giant distraction from the real problem that happened the day before- Dean wanting to hire his female friend from rehab to babysit. She was royally pissed on the way home, and then the second she walks in with a pig, all their problems get put on hold.

After the pig excitement dies down, Tori brings up the issue with Dean’s rehab friend coming over, but Dean wants none of it discussed on camera. He flips out and asks to talk to one of the producers.

“I’m sacrificing chunks of my f*cking soul,” he laments. “I can’t live like this anymore. There’s clutter and blocked energy and dead ends.” Dead ends? Like your career?

“When the kids are with me there’s order and boundaries and when T’s around there’s this chaos.”

In therapy they try to talk about it again, and Dean cannot for the life of him figure out why Tori is angry and hurt that he brought the rehab woman into their home.

He storms out of therapy and texts the producer that he might not come home. Tori knows that he doesn’t have any friends or family and she’s afraid he’s going to drive off a cliff or something. Slightly melodramatic, but then again not. Later, off camera, she meets with him at a diner in Beverly Hills where he apologized for the rehab babysitter thing.

The next day Tori’s baby pig dies. That’s the final straw and Tori begins to do what she does best…become sicker than her dead pig because she can’t process her emotions. Dean is forced to take her to urgent care. Production is brought to a screeching haul while Tori was treated for bronchitis and sinusitis.

While Tori is in the hospital for 13 days (for bronchitis?!), Dean has a very peaceful and relaxing time taking care of the kids, and he tells Tori that she doesn’t bring peace to the home. Dean, you do a reeeeally good job at deflecting the blame off yourself. Don’t think we don’t notice that. Tori is forced to cancel a public appearance in Miami because she’s still in the middle of a breakdown and can’t handle the stress and responsibility.

She tells her therapist that she feels like she’s not reliable anymore. She used to get booked for a lot of public appearances before the affair and True Tori, but now she’s lost a lot of her ability to earn a living.

“I feel like I’m watching a trainwreck happening and it’s my life,” she cries.

Back at home, Tori confronts Dean about the rehab babysitter one final time. She asks how he didn’t realize that the thought of him having a female friend in the house didn’t make her uncomfortable. His response?

“Lower the bar and you’ll be surprised at everything I do.”

Did he seriously just f*cking say that? Dean then decides that he doesn’t want to do the reality show anymore because it’s no longer good for him to share his feelings with the public. Tori doesn’t agree but there’s not really anything she can do.

To be continued next season…if there is a next season.

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Where to begin with this week’s True Tori. No, seriously? Where the hell do you even start.

Tori is throwing her daughter Hattie’s 3rd birthday party at the house, and not only has she invited Dean’s ex Mary Jo but also her mother, Candy Spelling. The thought of having both of the women she has the most issues with in the same place on the same day sends Tori into a monster tailspin, migraine and all.

Tori greets her guests in a weird gothic fairy princess costume, and becomes visibly ill at the sight of Mary Jo walking through the front door. She heads upstairs with her friends to decompress and do something about her migraine, and shortly after Candy Spelling walks in the house like the Queen of Sheba with…Tatum O’Neil?! Ummm, what?? Why??? Apparently Candy and Tatum are neighbors and bffs, and side note – Tatum is acting freaking bizarre.

Upon arriving, Tatum has some suggestions for the way filming should go down.

“I think that Tori should come down and say hi to her mom. It would just look better…I mean for the show.”

Dean is beyond perplexed and heads inside to fill Tori in on the situation. He explains that her mother has arrived with Tatum, who by the way Tori has never met, and all Tori’s friends agree that Candy just brought her to cause drama. How sad is that? Dean hit the nail on the head, saying “It’s just a really odd choice for a plus one.” For once, we agree with you Dean.

We all hope that Tori goes up to her mother to ask WTF, but in true Tori fashion she reverts to a 8 year old child and kisses Candy and Tatum’s ass. Literally a mouth full of ass.

After their awkward encounter, Tori looks over to find Mary Jo, Candy, and Tatum getting uncomfortably chummy.

“My mom and Mary Jo are over there and they’re exchanging emails now. She probably thinks she’s gonna get buddy with my mom and get money and stuff,” she tells Dean. This is the saddest, most cringe-worthy segment that has ever aired on reality TV. That is, until later on in the episode.

Tori finally agrees to go away on a girls weekend with her friends, but has major anxiety about leaving Dean alone with the kids. Rightfully so, because Tori

isn’t gone for four hours before Dean invites his female friend from rehab to the house to interview for a temporary babysitting job while he works on CSI, and of course he didn’t tell Tori. 4 HOURS!!! Tori gets a text from her current babysitter telling her that she’s concerned that Dean has crossed the line.

Tori calls Dean to ask what the hell is going on. He explains that it’s his friend from rehab who apparently Tori said no to hiring twice! He also claims that they had no one else to help. Seriously Dean? That’s the best you could come up with? There are literally thousands of babysitters in Los Angeles, and you want to hire a woman who you have a history with and clearly makes your wife uncomfortable? What a piece of work.

The producers decide to interview Laura, the current babysitter, to get a feel for what’s going on behind the scenes. Apparently the rehab babysitter feels really uncomfortable with the whole situation and was mislead to believe that Tori was going to be at the interview. Liar, liar, boner pants on fire.

As it turns out, rehab babysitter has signed a release at the interview consenting to be filmed, but when the shit hits the fan, Dean tears up her release paper, confronts the producer and refuses to discuss the matter further.

Tori continues to confront Dean via text, but Dean won’t allow production to see the texts. All he says is that Tori’s controlling and overbearing He doesn’t seem aware of the fact that in Tori’s eyes, he’s not allowed to have and female friends given his cheaty history. Uh, can you blame her?! The ONE day she goes out of town he invites a chick over. All hail the king of the douchebags.

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Thanksgiving is only a few days away, but on True Tori the McDermotts are finding it hard to find things to be thankful for.

In one of their regular couples therapy sessions, Dean McDermott mentions that he’s been invited to play hockey with a group of dads once a week, and Tori Spelling is not happy about it. Dean and the therapist agree that they should both be allowed to do adult things apart from one another. Uh, we all know what kind of adult things you like to do in your alone time Dean. Nice try.

When they start talking about Dean not pulling his own weight, especially taking care of the kids, he loses his cool. Basically he wants to know what Tori does that is so much better than what he does. Oh no he di’int! Tori doesn’t think that Dean’s present emotionally with the kids, and Dean’s completely offended and defensive.

Back at home when Tori’s friend Mehran comes over, she begins telling him that Dean admitted in therapy that being with the kids “isn’t his first want.” Dean overhears this convo in the other room, and walks in to defend himself. He tells Tori that he feels like this entire season of the show is portraying him as all bad all them time, and he’s over it.

Now we get to the most important issue of the season thus far…Tori’s boobs. Tori has been putting off getting her boobs fixed for years, but the problem goes way beyond the fact that aesthetically they look like the two hot air balloons sailing over the Grand Canyon. Her implants were actually recalled a year after she got them…15 years ago!!!!!!!!! While clothes shopping with her friend Courtney, Tori says she regrets getting such large implants, and if someone would’ve told her that she had to routinely get them replaced every 15 years she never would have done it.

Tori has a consultation with a plastic surgeon to discuss the condition of her implants. Basically they’re almost as bad as they can be. They’re extremely hard and possibly have micro ruptures. The doctor tells her that the best option would be to remove the implants and keep them out for a few months before replacing them, but that her chest will look rather “pancake-y” in the interim. Back at home, Tori tells Dean her options, and surprisingly he is very supportive of taking a boob vacation

In other news, Dean gets on an audition for CSI. On the drive there he tries to pump himself up, saying “I’m an actor dammit!” Could’ve fooled us. Days later Dean’s manager calls and tells him that he actually booked the guest starring, but he’s nervous that Tori will be upset that he’s not around for 8 days to help with the kids. On the contrary, Tori is ecstatic that Dead Beat Dean booked a job. Set your DVRs, folks.

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Tori Spelling thinks her husband Dean McDermott has been unfaithful yet again, and it’s finally pushed her passed her limit.

As Popdust covered in our True Tori recap, Dean had reached his breaking point about being publicly humiliated.

“Sorry, I won’t talk about things on-camera anymore,” she dramatically told her 48 year-old husband. “I’m not trying to make you look bad to the viewers."

The 41-year-old reality star suddenly decided to call it quits on her cheating spouse on an episode airing Nov 25.

“When she was in the hospital [in late October], she heard about the pictures of Dean exiting a sex shop,” an insider told In Touch. “She was mortified. She couldn’t believe he was back to his old games —while she was sick, no less — and thought he was cheating. She wants out.”

The publication is reporting Tori “filled out the divorce papers” and “Dean has no idea.”

The decision has the support of Tori's friends and family, many of whom are encouraging her to start dating again and telling her “it’s time to turn her life around and realize there are other men in the world that would treat her well."

Dean, however, is not ready to throw in the towel. “Their lives have turned into a circus,” the insider says. “He’s well aware he’s partly responsible, but now he wants things to change.”

Yeah, good luck with that.